In a bid to reach out to yoga guru Ramdev who has threatened to go on hunger strike over blackmoney issue, the government has deputed a team of high ranking officials led by CBDT Chairman to brief him on the steps being taken by the Centre to deal with the menace. CBDT Chairman Sudhir Chandra along with other tax officials briefed Ramdev last week.

The revenue officials meet the Yoga Guru on Saturday and informed him about the various pro-active steps taken by the government and the difficulties being faced by it in bringing back the unaccounted money stashed in tax havens, a source in the Finance Ministry said.

“We told Ramdevji about the five-pronged strategy on black money and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, which will not only investigate but prosecute tax evaders,” the source said.

Since the fight of Ramdev is against black money, he said, the revenue officials took the initiative and met him.

“Black money falls in the domain of the revenue department, so the officials felt they should inform the Guru about government”s initiative and efforts,” the source said.

The meeting assumes significance, as the government had to yield to the demand of civil rights activist Anna Hazare who sat on fast unto death to press for his demand of a strong Lok Pal Bill to deal with corruption at high places.

The taxmen also informed Baba Ramdev about the legal obstacles in getting information from tax havens.

Ramdev has announced that he will hold a Satyagrah or mass movement against corruption at Ramlila Maidan here from June 4.


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0 responses to “CBDT briefs Baba Ramdev on govt steps to tackle black money”

  1. Dhruvil Bhatt says:

    when there is any campaign against corruption or issue like black money i strongly recommend to fight till you achieve your goal. Put your strong point in front of indian govt and dont take back step unless and untill the positive actual result come out of us….. Dont start campaign just to come in a public in large media. we have already lost our trust on corrupted ministers and the government too. Dont concentrate on what you dont want just concentrate what you want. We Want ACTION and Not any committee type stupid things. we have a ability to develop faster than china or any other country in the world but we consume our time in such committee reports rather than take some action against it… My strong support with Ramdevji till some action which we all can recommend taken by the Government and please dont step back unless such campaign may become like cricket match like world cup, IPL etc no importance in real sense.

    Hve a grt time…

  2. CA. Ashok Aggarwal says:

    It is learnt from some reliable sources that GOI is going to tax such black money lying in swiss banks and being brought back into India @15% only which is not fair with the those paying tax at higher rates say 33%.

  3. Ashok Asthana says:

    Well said Mr. Dattatreyahg. The Goverment MUST answer these simple questions. Isnt it intersting that Government face hurdles in getting information regarding black money but the black money horders do not have any problem. This shows the unwillingness of the Government to curb this menance.

  4. ARUN, KOLKATA says:





  5. hemen parekh says:

    Baba Ramdev and Black Money

    There is no doubt that a billion Indians will support Baba Ramdev in his campaign to bring back black money.

    But even if he succeeds, new black money will replace the old black money !

    You cannot cure a disease by treating its symptoms.

    We must find a way to “ stop “ the generation of black money in the first place.

    New finance minister of West Bengal, Dr. Amit Mitra recently confirmed that out of every rupee of revenue, 35 paise goes towards interest payment on state borrowings and 58 paise goes to pay salaries of Govt. staff, leaving a measly 7 paise for development.

    So the honest tax-payer is asking :

    “ When I pay the government, one rupee by way of tax, I get back only 7 paise worth of infrastructure / housing / education / healthcare etc. Then why pay taxes ? Why not finance these needs directly on my own – bypassing the tax authorities ? “

    And this is true of nearly all the states of India.

    My suggestion :

    If a tax payer invests any amount into Govt approved Special Purpose Vehicles ( SPV ), solely devoted to create infrastructure / housing / education / healthcare etc, let that money be tax-free, with no questions asked as to its source. All the profits / dividends earned by an individual thru such investments must be made 100 % tax-free and forever .

    Just imagine what an annual investment of $ 100 billion ( Rs.5 lakh crores ) on activities like these can do to our economy !

    Within 5 years, it will pull-up 500 million people above the “ Poverty Line “.

    My request to Baba Ramdev :

    Please refocus your strategy. We are with you all-the-way.

    With regards

    hemen parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

  6. dattatreyahg says:

    Baba ramdevji, Please dont go on fast at this stage. Well meaning people of our country want you to live long to fight against this menace with all your strength. Stand firm on your conviction, educate people on this burning issue and lead thtem from the front. Govt. may tell you about 5 pronged strategy, 8 pronged attack and 13 pronged agenda etc. Just ask them what has been done so far as concrete action and over how many years, and what has been the result. Let us see if their answers to these simple questions are convincing. If not, these very answers can become the basis for a broad-band civil-society action

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