We have uploaded below a Budget booklet cum Direct Tax Ready Reckoner prepared by Lucknow CA Club which Budget Changes along with handy day to day use information. The book contains the following updates :-

Finance Ministers of India from 1947 to 2013

Highlights-Service Tax

Highlights- Income Tax /Wealth Tax

Section wise Major Changes

Other Useful Information:

Exemption from Return Filing to Employees

Status Tracking/verification

Status Tracking-Return/ITR/Demand etc

NSDL – Track status of Income Tax Refund

Refund – Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Deducted at Source

Track Status of TDS

Mismatch in TDS and Tax Credit

Verification of TDS Certificates

Issue of Manual TDS Certificates

Processing of TDS Returns

TDS Returns with Digital Signature

Claim for TDS Refund

TRACES – New Website of TDS

Online Form 16A from Traces

Income Tax E-Filing New Website

Uploading of Income Tax Forms by CA

Filing of ITR-V Acknowledgement

Customer Care Numbers

Password reset and Link Activation

Rectification of Challans

Maintenance of Books of Account-Provisions

NSC Interest Table

Cost Inflation Index

Prime Depreciation Rates

Income Tax Rates

TDS Rates Chart

Jurisdiction Area of Income Tax Officers

Income Limit for Case Assignment to AOs

Directory of Income Tax Officers

PAN Application – Documents required

A.O. Codes for Lucknow

Codes for Residences and Status

Various Income Tax Challans

Stamp Act Table (U.P.)

New Income Tax Return Forms

Codes used in e-ITRs

Due Date Calendar

PIN Codes for Lucknow

Distance Calculator of CIRC Branches

Prevailing Interest Rates on Fixed Deposits

EMI Calculator Chart

Useful Web Links

Income Tax Rates/Slabs Since FY 1985-86

Download free Budget booklet  for F.Y. 2013-14 cum direct tax ready reckoner

(To Download Right Click on the link above and Press Save as)

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  1. Parag Arvind Shah says:

    Please inform us what will be the status of services rendered by Partnership Law Firm under reverse charging w.r.t. I.1 of ST-3 (reproduced for your ready reference).

    Whether the same will be treated as exempt service or taxable service in calculating data for cenvat reversal w.r.t. I.1.4.2.


    I1.1 Whether providing any exempted service or non-taxable service (‘Y’/‘N’) YES
    I1.2 Whether manufacturing any exempted excisable goods (‘Y’/‘N’) NO
    I1.3 If reply to any one of the above is ‘Y’, whether maintaining separate account for receipt or consumption of input service and input goods [refer to Rule 6 (2) of CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004](‘Y’/‘N’) NO
    I1.4 If reply to any one of the columns I1.1&I1.2 above is ‘Y’ and I1.3 is ‘N’, which option, from the below mentioned options, is being availed under Rule 6(3) of the CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004

    I1.4.1 Whether paying an amount equal to 6% of the value of the exempted goods and exempted services [refer to Rule 6(3)(i) of CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004](‘Y’/‘N’); or NO
    I1.4.2 Whether paying an amount equivalent to CENVAT Credit attributable to inputs and input services used in or in relation to manufacture of exempted goods or provision of exempted services [refer to Rule 6(3)(ii) of CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004](‘Y’/‘N’);or YES
    I1.4.3 Whether maintaining separate account for receipt or consumption of input goods, taking CENVAT credit only on inputs (used in or in relation to the manufacture of dutiable final products excluding exempted goods and for the provision of output services excluding exempted services) and paying an amount equivalent to CENVAT Credit attributable to input services used in or in relation to manufacture of exempted goods or provision of exempted services [refer to Rule 6(3)(iii) of CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004](‘Y’/‘N’) NO

  2. Ashutosh Lohani says:

    Dear LVR
    I wonder if you and more people like you would come forward to financially support the taxguru? I really appreciate the huge efforts put up by Sandeep Kanoi in devoting his time and money to this website. Lat me emphasise that advertisements will cover a very little percentage of the costs involved, time an devotion.

    So next time you criticise the site for advertisement, send cheques per pageview to taxguru for all downloads and page view you might have undergone.

    My salute to Mr. Sandeep Kanoi for his services to the profession.

    kind regards

    CA Ashutosh Lohani

  3. LVR says:

    Dear Sir,

    You should stop putting the advertisement in the face of the page if you want you to use this site as knowledge forum. However, you intend to use as business proposition on advertisements, i am sure, readers will get irritated when they browse this. Instead, advertisement may be placed on either side without obstructing the messages.

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