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D.O.No. 07/CH(IC)/2020

Dated: 23rd March, 2020

The week gone by was an eventful one set in the backdrop of an unprecedented situation created by the Covid-19 virus. There is much to share of the good work done but what is most heartening is the response of our officers especially those who are handling incoming passengers and crew at Airports. Sea Ports and Land Custom Stations, Their tireless efforts and dedication to duty have helped in the smooth clearance of a large number of passengers many of whom were returning in distress Yesterday,. at 5 pm, the nation as a whole applauded those who are selflessly putting themselves at risk while working to protect the general public from this virus- The officers of our department deserve this applause too, especially those working at the points of entry into the country.

I visited Delhi Airport last week to personally thank the officers there and, through them, all officers doing similar selfless work all over India. I congratulate Shri Alok Tiwari, Chief Commissioner, and Shri Marrish Kumar, Commissioner, for their promptness in taking necessary health precautions for their officers and staff and providing them the motivation that is called for in such a scenario.

Discussions with my senior colleagues in the field have also elicited a singular and firm commitment from them to do everything possible to ensure that the office environment is made safe for everyone. They also agree that our department’s culture of social responsibility will help ensure availability of medicines and appliances to the weaker sections of society through the Swachhata program. Their commitment to the welfare of their staff is praise worthy. ‘While essential operations have to be kept going, the Zonal/ Directorate heads will surely take care of manning important posts in line with the DoPT guidelines, white ensuring that there are no unnecessary crowding of offices.

Last week DRI, MU, lived up to the high standards set by the DRI with two major cases. 30 of its officers along with other departmental officers covered 8 locations in making a huge haul of 500 Kgs of Ephedrine and bringing to book the offenders under the NDPS Act, 1985 in a classic case of patience and commitment. Their joint operation with Vasai Division of Customs Preventive Commissionerate and officers of DGGI, Belgaunt, hi unearthing this case deserves a. special mention. In yet another case involving a joint operation, DRI KZU, along with the Border Security Force, seized 102 pcs of gold bars and biscuits weighing 21.01 kgs valued at Rs 8.74 crores near Bongagon smuggled through the riverine Indo-Bangladesh border. My appreciation to the two zonal ADGs Shri Rajesh Pandey and Shri Deepankar Aron, who in these two separate eases coordinated precise strikes with inter-departmental teams, their entire team of DRI officers, officers of Mumbai Customs Preventive Considerateness, UGGI and BF officers who took part in the operations.

In my earlier letter dated 2/3/2020, I had emphasized the need to intensify the steps to prevent fraudulent availment of ITC and evasion of duty by using data analytics and risk management. In this regard, it is indeed heartening to note that Gautam Buddha Nagar C.Ex and GST in. Mutineer zone had unearthed a web of 53 non-existent firms whose business activities were merely confuted to paper without actual movement / supply of goods. These firms had generated invoices for a variety of goods such as manufactured/manufactured tobacco, yarn, woven fabric and cotton yarn, other made up clothing, etc. for passing on Input Tax Credit to the tune of Rs 1892 Crores. Out of a refund claim of 13264 crores that has been paid to these companies, Rs. 60 Cores have been recovered while Rs 131 Crores has been. withheld. I congratulate the Commissioner, Gautama Buddha Nagar, Shri  Madan Mohan Singh and his team of officers for this achievement.

Ms Reeria Arya earlier and now Ms Neeta Lal Butalia, DGHRD, have with their team of officers been doing an excellent job in tending to the welfare needs of the department. Since January, 2020, nearly Rs. 1 crore has been sanctioned from the Welfare Fund of which 55.33 lakhs is towards medical assistance to 61 beneficiaries and ex-gratin payment of Rs. 24 lakhs to 12 beneficiaries. Further, DGIARD is putting in place measures for monitoring of proposals to ensure expeditious examination and processing of welfare measures, a welcome initiative. A zone/directorate-wise list of pending proposals has also been placed on the website dglirdcbic.vv.in. 1 urge all zonal chiefs to monitor this. With more coordination between the zones/directorates and the DGHRD team, I am sure we will be able to utilise our Welfare Fund better to ensure the greater good of the greatest number of our staff.

While I have been reminding you every week to keep your focus on revenue, in the current situation, we need to be sensitive to the constraints of taxpayers and treat them with empathy. The days ahead may test our mettle but I am sure our senior officers will be able to provide the leadership and guidance to enable our officers and staff to cope with the challenges. I have utmost faith in the capacity of our officers to deliver in difficult times. Let us do the country proud by our dedication and discipline.

Yours sincerely

(M. Ajit Kumar)


All Officers and Staff of Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs

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