Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal  criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Income Deceleration Scheme 2016 for Nationwide Raid and survey carried out by the Income Tax Department to make the Income Deceleration Scheme 2016 Successful. Recently Department has Raided and Surveyed Small Traders including Small Street Vendors too. Text of the letter is as follows :-

arvind-kejriwal-letter-part-1 arvind-kejriwal-letter-part-2


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  1. Kalyanasundaram says:

    Why don’t you work for Delhi people instead of poking your nose on Central Govt function. If you evade tax you will be raided if information comes to IT department what has got to do with Prime Minister. Grow beyond your street politics. You don’t behave like IIT stuff! Look at the Defence minister!

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