It is proposed to create 8 new overseas Income Tax (IT) Units in Indian Missions abroad to have effective exchange of information on tax matters under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA). Two overseas income tax units at the Indian missions in Mauritius and Singapore have been already set-up. Eight more such units in USA,UK, Netherlands, Japan, Cyprus, Germany, France and UAE are also being proposed to be set-up on similar lines. The two units established at Mauritius and Singapore have started functioning only from May/June,2010.

This information was given by Minister of State for Finance, Shri S.S.Palanimanickam in a written reply to an Unstarred Question in Rajya Sabha today.

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0 responses to “8 new overseas Income Tax Units in Indian Missions abroad to be set-up under the DTAA”

  1. A Retired IT Employee says:

    C.Jyothi’s comment is most objectionable. Which service or department is free fom the malaise of favouritism, nepotism or corruption in matters of postings to greener pastures and positions of power? Then why only criticise a subordinate department like income tax in which even transfers to petty posts cost money? After all people in this deptt handle hard cash-if they demand tips from the rich and well to do, what is the harm? Who does not remember that cash for transfer scam in the IT deptt about 10 years ago? The arents and the perpetrators have gone scot free, only the hapless officers forced by circumstances and compulsions of need to pay money for desired postings have been published. Only those who paid huge bribes went unscathed and managed deputations, promotions-whereas many lost the last promotions in their career. In a department in which even peons and drivers have to shell out hefty sums for choice postings, it is cruel to comment on the selection of the privileged for foreign postings. The condition in the revenue departments all over the country and over centuries has been unchanged. People should spare the IT department as it is not out of a whole corrupt and degenerate plus all pervading system. After all, this is still a much better deptt than many others.

  2. C.Jyoti says:

    Frantic lobbying must have started in break-neck speed-one can certainly predict even the officers “SELECTED” on the basis of their relationship with/proximity to politicians/IAS Secretaries, etc. which is nothing uncommon! Watch and see.

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