Due Date for Filing Income tax Return for corporate assessees and those who come under compulsory audit under income tax Act or under any other Act is 30th September 2012. Question which comes to every CA professionals mind is whether due for filing income tax return for this year will get extended or not?  Now the question is why the government should extend the date? We have found 5 Such reasons why we fell government should extend the due for filing of Income tax Return.

1. First Time implementation of Revised schedule VI – People may argue that what difference it will  make if format is changed , but the fact is that implementation of revised schedule has taken lot of additional effort and time of professionals.

2. Late Release of ITR :- This Year ITR  been released as late as on 06.08.2012 while ITR 5 been released on 10.07.2012 & ITR 4 t0o was released  in last week of June 2012.

3. Disturbance of general life caused due to failure of power in most Part of the Country –  There was a complete power failure in India in last week of July which has effected About 22 states and Union Territories.

4. Mandatory e-Filing with Digital Signature for Individual & HUF  to whom Audit provision u/s 44AB is applicable – CBDT has vide Notification No.14/2012 [F.No.142/31/2011-TPL]/S.O. 626(E), DATED 28-3-2012 made filing of Return with digital signature Mandatory for Individuals & HUF who are required to get there account audited from Assessment Year 2012-13 onwards.

5. Festivals :- Most of the establishments are virtually closed on account of ongoing Ganpati festivals in Maharashtra and other parts of India.

We would like to invite the comments of our viewers on the topic. 

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  1. ca hitesh says:

    The time must be extended by 60 days. Aprt from the valid reasons stated ,in A.P. we experienced many bandhs due to Telangana agitation and holidays and non availability of staff due to ramzan, bonalu(local festival)


    Due date of Income tax Return filing i.e. 31-07-2013 should be extended upto
    31/08/21/013 as The Return forms down loaded late by dept. and the website is blocked since yesterday afternoon

    How can we file the Returns ?

  3. Raghavan S says:

    The Government must consider the extension for a month or atleast for 2 weeks. In Karnataka during September 3 days has been wasted because of 1 day Bharath Bandh and 2 days of Transport Strike. Hope some one from Government is reading our feedback.

  4. venu says:


    We (Salaried class) are the only persons who are taxed by Employers under TDS and Further taxed by Vendors where we purchase grocery and file the returns promptly as if we have neglected the TAXES. By all means and the daily schedule of the Employers we need additional time for finalising the returns. Hence Extension is required rather the last date should be kept as 31st Decemner on account of various reasons.

  5. Reshma Nair says:

    The due date should be extended to 31.10.12 because of Schedule VI, very time consuming and Ganpati Festival has disrupted the whole office work.

  6. jyotirmaybhattacharyya says:

    I think the main issue which people are facing is that ITR get corrupted frequently. It is very true that due date of filing Income tax return should be extended.

  7. Yogesh Katare says:

    Date must be extended till 31.10.2012 due to
    – critical format of changes in schedule 6 for companies
    – assessee couldnot make payment in bank due to close on bank working days
    – fastivals

  8. CA.R.N.Saha says:

    Because of flood in Assam, the entire Assam is devasted by flood because of incessent rainfall for last one month. Not only Assam but Bihar & Bengal and other Northern states are also suffering due to flood and the business community also and unable to prepare accounts for audit purpose

  9. Mihir Nimbolkar says:

    Registering the DSC has been very troublesome this year. Moreover, the ITRs also have been getting corrupted time and again. Its a very bad situation as far as the festive season is concerned. Ganesh immersion day is on the 29th Sept. due to which offices will have to be closed in cities like Pune, Mumbai, etc. where the processions go on for more than 24 hrs. I just hope all things should be considered by the Hon’ble Finance Minister and provide an appropriate extension to the due date of return filing. If at all they are to extend the due date, the extension should be declared as soon as possible and not on the 30th Sept. at 3:30 p.m. like they did on 31st July.

  10. GS KUMAR says:

    Sept 29th is bank holiday on account of half yearly closing of accounts. Hence tax challans cannot be remitted on 29.09.2012. Hence extension of time is most necessary

  11. Avinash Kalro says:

    We all want an extension.. no power since yesterday . My UPS battery is down. My digital signature is valid only till 27th sept.

    Can we all write emails to the cbdt for extension ? Does anybody have their email id ?

  12. srinivasa says:

    It is incorrect to have last date of IT filing on 30/9/ every year because ROC allows AGM till 30/9 and unless accounts are approved in AGM how one can file IT Returns?
    Hence last date of filing IT returns should not clash with last date of AGM allowd by ROC in any case. Hence 31/10 as earlier should be last date for IT returns

  13. Raju says:

    Apart from the above 5 points we would like to add one more point ………..There is a compatability issue with Income Tax E-filing Website while registering the DSC from Windows 7 – 64 bit OS. Evenafter inform to the Department there is no response. The IT department should be upto date on Technology side like MCA.

  14. Pranav Bhuta says:

    In my opinion the due date should have been extended in the first week of September itself. Extending the due date in the last week of September is of no use. It’s just helpful to those who have failed to file their Income Tax Returns on account of failure to complete their books of accounts or because they are least bothered to file the returns on time. All of us knew this was coming from the beginning of this year. In the case of the cyclone in the North East India the extension should be granted only to those parts which have been hit by the cyclone.
    We can say that there was a failure on the part of the Government in not releasing the Income Tax Returns on appropriate timings but at the same time we can say that there have not been any major changes in the Income Tax Returns also.
    As far as Revised Schedule VI is concerned it was known to us that the same shall be made applicable. We were prepared for the same.
    To conclude, extending the due date will just shift the pressure for a month and the articles will have to suffer for a month more.

  15. Pranav Bhuta says:

    In my opinion the due date should have been extended in the first week of September itself. Extending the due date in the last week of September is of no use. It’s just helpful to those who have failed to file their Income Tax Returns on account of failure to complete their books of accounts or because they are least bothered to file the returns on time. All of us knew this was coming from the beginning of this year. In the case of the cyclone in the North East India the extension should be granted only to those parts which have been hit by the cyclone.

    We can say that there was a failure on the part of the Government in not releasing the Income Tax Returns on appropriate timings but at the same time we can say that there have not been any major changes in the Income Tax Returns also.

    As far as Revised Schedule VI is concerned it was known to us that the same shall be made applicable. We were prepared for the same.

    To conclude, extending the due date will just shift the pressure for a month and the articles will have to suffer for a month more.

  16. g.r.balajee says:

    Really it should be extended because in Tamilnadu nearly 14 hours of Power cut.We are not able to concentrate on our day to day life. Certainly minimum 1 month extension is requried

  17. ram says:


  18. CA Lalit Munoyat says:

    Reasons for extention or non extention are many and even more may be added. The due dates have been fixed considering many diverse circumtances prevailing under Indian culture. The fact of the situation that one ignores is causing the whole debate. Under Indian calander the concept of Adhik Mass (Extra month) is very inportant which makes up for the loss of days in due to cutting or overleaping of certain Indian dates (Tithis). This year has one such extra month and due to this all the festivals have shifted forward by almost 15-20 days. That being so, the assessees are more busy during this month of september catering to the extended festival period of, say Ganpati in Maharashtra, Jain Parushan etc. It is but natural that no one should be forced to disrupt his business at the cost of compliance of certain taxation laws.

    2) One should also consider whether such requests are coming every year regularly or only in some years occassionaly.

    3) No one talks of the political & economical conditions of India. The Government and the opposition are very busy only in the blame game. Coalgate scandle has wasted one whole session of parliament. Every one talks of the decipline that a lame duck business man or a frofessional should follow while no one talks of decipline that the government or the opposition must follow in the first instance. Every other day there is a Band in one part or the other part of India causing a great inconvinience to the general public.4) Many repliers have talked a lot of the computerization as a reason for making 30th April itself as the prescribed date without realising that for how many hours and in how many States the electricity is available even for 12 hours a day. We are advised to installed Power Back up system like Inverter but one does not realise that the available electricity is not enough to Recharge the inverter day on day basis.

    4) The government has many pressure groups within & outside also . It all depends upon the lobby power of the pressure group whether a particular action would be taken or not. For example, excise duty on branded garment & branded jewellery was levied in 2011. The traders complained but no respite was given. This year the levy was extended on unbranded jewellery also and the the Finance Minister bluntly refused to withdraw the same. But the pressure group had so much lobbying power that the duty was removed not only on the unbranded items of jewellery but also on branded items also for which there was no demand as it was alreay in operation without resistance for one year. Why the same treatment was not given to the branded items of readymade garments?.

    5) To conclude, if the law makers have no respect for the laws that they have made themselves, then one must not blame the traders or the professional for the problems created by the law makers themselves. Why the ITR was notified so late leaving virtually no time to train the staff on the new format?. The government must first provide the required infrastructure and set a deadline thereafter and also devote sometime to solving the problems of the tax payers insted of wasting time on preparing strategies to counter the Anna & Ramdev.

    CA Lalit Munoyat

  19. ram says:

    yes..i agree with u..bcoz..power cut is big probleme for doing work..this power cut hours..morning..and evening.in office..hours…this was the big probleme..to..complet audit work..i hope..hon.min.sri.chidanbaram..know it..n..take..good decission..

  20. CA Atul Kumar Khemka says:

    I agree with your views
    It is required that the date be extended as Revised Scheule VI is also creating problems and morevoer the Gnapati festival has disrupted the whole office working

  21. CA. Mukesh Saran says:

    It should be 6 reasons. which is

    6. Bugs in ITR excel files: – ITR 5 is still not error free. Unabsorbed Depreciationof prevoius years not set off with current year profit in sheet CYLA_BFLA and Tax has been calculated and interest u/s 234B is not correct. Worst is no reply from [email protected].

  22. S PRAKASH says:

    sorry, last date should not be extended.Why you need 6 months to made adjustments in the accounts? The last date for filing the returns should be 30th April.In these years of computerlisation,TDS mismatch, why banks, companies and others take so much time to give account confirmations, these persons should be brought to line by making the date of filing returns for 44AB and Companies jsut 30 or 45 days from the date of closing of account books.By this all the CA’s in India will get plenty of work.The banks will say the server is down, we can not give the account statement for 7 days, the TDS deductor will not follow the uploading of the details to NSDL, the deductee will get notice from the CPC by not giving the credit for the TDS and Tax paid etc., etc.,When all these will get set righted?Why the honest assessees are suffering?With all these why we want the extention of time for filing the returns,even if the extention is made for 12 months the situation in INDIA will not change.

  23. CA Amit Walia says:

    There can lot many reasons for extention………to name a few
    1. US Presidential Elections…Debate is hoting up
    2. Economic and Financial Ression in Europe
    3. India beating England by 90 Runs
    4. New Life infused in economy by the Prime Minister……and lot many but i think Professionalism demands things to be

    a)Be done correctly to the maximum extent possible
    b)In the given / aloted time

    stress cannot be an excuse, as stress is part and parcel of the life of any professional

    so just by listining in seminars that we are great professional dont really make as great, but its our ability to deliver qulity in time, will definatelly do.

    sorry if any one feels offended.

  24. CA. Vallabhdas Raichura says:

    Even if the date for ITR filing is extended, it is for sure we are late Latifs and clamour more and more extensions.All the 5 reasons are nothing but excuses for tardiness of our nature and proverbial Indian strain of procrastination.This is borne out of my experience of over half a century as a professional.

    CA.Vallabhdas Raichura

    North Potomac, Maryland, U.S.A.:
    September 24, 2012.

  25. HARI C says:

    These are real facts. The main issue was Rev Sch VI. It took a lot of time and effort for Small amd Medium firms who work with limited resourses. The time for non-audit cases where extended to 31st august. This has overlapped into tax audit period. Government should consider extending the date as Tax Audits are important.

  26. Rubbal says:

    A BIG no to extention. This extention will be a burden on the professionals, as their clients will enjoy the extended period and come at the last date only.

  27. Raghav says:

    Hi All,

    It must not be extended reason being only extension is not the solution.We have much time to complete and I am sure that for some assessees if government will extend the date they will not complete the task on time and will expect another extension.:) and will have again holidays and every one will enjoy with the date which will be part of festival.


    The due date of e-filing of income tax return i.e 30th sept. 2012, should be extended atleast for 7 days , so that all professionals will be able to do the work smoothly and stress freely.

  29. CA Devki Nandan Jhamb says:

    It should not be extended because next 1 and 1/2month is for major festivals as well as from next year it should 31July for all assesses as otherwise always its hurdle for festival celebrations as well as most of the article clerks get engaged in exams.

  30. CA NIRAJ KARRA says:

    It should be extended now o 1st Oct but from next year it should be made 31st August so that such festivals wont affect the professional work

  31. B.V.Raveendranath says:

    Two more reasons
    1. This is the last date for filing the returns of the assessees who are audited under any other Acts. Hence the returns of Co-operative Societies, Societies registered under the Society Registration Acts of the respective states and Trusts registered under the provisions of Indian Trust Act, whose accounts need not be audited under the provisions of Sec 44AB of IT Act have to be filed within this September 30th.

    2. We are experiencing too many mis matches between the actual TDS made, TDS as per Form 16 or 16A and TDS appearing in 26AS. It is laborious job to match these and consumes much of our time.

  32. Manoj Sharma says:

    Even if it is extended, clients will take it easy in the festival season and come flying right in the nick of time in our offices….The Government should either-once & for all- change the date of filing to December or take a stern view and make August the due date…As it is, people will always hanker for an extension even in March !!

  33. M.S.Rajaram,Pondicherry says:

    If when the format is revised the date of its effect could be notifying from some point of time,that is enforceable and not according to the whims and fancies of the enforcer or the enforced stating reasons irrelevant to field requirements.If details of the required format is laborious to the return filing assessee better to enforce the so far delayed revision from a subsequent period.Any extension beyond the mandatory date is a subvention of rules based on a statute

  34. CA Kedar Gokhale says:

    All the reasons quoted like Digital Signature, Revised Sch VI, Ganesh Festival etc were already known and have not erupted suddenly. There is no logic in extending the due date. We professionals must change our mind set and get our self free from each work by its original due date as every month there is due date for one work or other. If the date is extended, the clients will vanish away, enjoy holidays and will turn up only one week before the extended due date and spoil our work schedule.

  35. R.P.sharma C.A says:

    Date 30 th sep is decided in Incometax and this date was informed to everyone,so it is not required to b extended,because these reasons are always remains in India,excuses are many but in no case date 30 th sep should not b extended. Businessmen always like extended date.

  36. srinivasa prabhakar says:

    Reasons may be many for seeking extension of due dates. Since 30th Sept falls on Sunday and 2nd oct declared holiday on acount of Gandhi Jayanthi it is adviceable to extend only up to 3rd Oct which will definetly benefit th assesse those need to pay tax

  37. Pradeep Nahata says:

    Extention is not the solution. Rather, there should be pressure on the authorities to release ITRs well in time, preferably, within April-1st week each year to expedite things. Power failure was only for 2-3 days and festivals will always be there. The reasons are not at all convincing. Let the pressure remain to file within the last date.

  38. BRIJ MOHAN GUPTA says:

    Surely the reasons given warrent extension of time. However, (1) there is no justification in release of ITR froms after 31st March; (2) Band(s) organised at the call of Political parties and NGO’s are other causes upsetting the city life with threats of likely roits and untowert incidents.

  39. sudarshan says:

    no need for extension. sch VI revised long time before.PY figures should have been converted last year itself. sufficient time given. But in future, september can be due date for non corporate. November for corporate including Transfer pricing

  40. Mohamed Nawaz Haindaday says:

    I would also like to add a few more points against extension:

    1. There will be no extension for filing of returns under Companies Act
    2. October month is itself full of various other tax compliance deadlines, so extension will, in fact, be more troublesome for professionals
    3. Postponement/extension at this stage would affect schedules of next month, in case of jobs other than tax compliances.

    It would have been ideal had the extension been considered earlier rather than at this stage of the deadline period.

  41. Nem Singh says:

    Well facts and it should be extended because on 29th there is saterday and next on sunday. These are the days of bank closing. The assessee / professionals facing problems to deposit the tax due.

    Therefore it should be extended.

  42. Mohamed Nawaz Haindaday says:

    Of the reasons cited, issue of Revised Schedule VI and the ongoing Ganpati festival should be considered for purpose of extension.

    However, many professionals would have already burnt mid-night oil to meet the impending deadline. Many would have also cut short the fesitivites.

    It would be unfair if the Government extends the deadline so late. Ideally, considering these factors, the Govt. should have declared an extension atleast in the begining of September. As many comments have pointed out, extensions normally do not serve any purpose as clients disappear and the efforts that we have already put in do not get converted into our bills for professional services. And yes, late comers and those who have not been visiting their consultants during the year and awake from their slumber at the nth moment should be penalised.

  43. ca ganesan says:

    atleast for corporate assessees due date can be extended but be communicated well before so that to concentrate atleast on non-corporate 44ab cases.

  44. Sanjeevv Kapoor says:

    Well the reasons are valid but as always the government wants to collect maximum revenue before the due date of filing. The extensions comes only at he minute which defeats the very purpose of extension of the date. Either the Governement should come out with a categorical no for extension of date or should extend it now.

    They already have valid reasons for extending the same.

  45. shailesh says:

    This is a yearly ritual. Their shall always be a good reason for an extension. If no extension is given, the asseesse will be forced to come on time. Last minute assessee needs to pay a price – either to the professional or the Govt. This will be a deterrent to the assessee’s interest than only will their be some discipline.
    The present thinking is unless their is a heavy financial penalty, nobody is afraid of the law. Thus the law abiding citizens suffer.

  46. CA. M. Lakshmanan says:

    In many cases there are differences between the amounts of TDS as found in Form 26AS and amounts as given in the certificates issued by deductors.It will take some time to follow up with deductors in order to pursue them to file the revised TDS return so that all the TDS are available in the Form No.26AS. If the return is filed with mismatches the CPC will simply ignore and raise demands or deny credits. Hence time may be extended for at least by one month in order to avoid unnecessary rectification petition/revised return and appeals.

  47. S JAGANNATHAN says:

    There are three reasons out of 5 are valid one namely 1, 2 & 3. Most valid reason is Revised Sch VI which taking much of our valid time in preparation. Due date must be extended atleast for corporate assesee if not for others.

  48. ganesh zawar says:

    Dear we do agree with u in this age why u r making the dates give any date with penalty of Rs. 1000.- per day ,collect money which will be useful for political people for their survival

  49. priya says:

    It is not point extending. The clients then will come near the extended date. They disappear!! Atleast let us finish under the same pressure and momentum. Bills then also can be raised earlier and hopefully the realisation of the same early 🙂

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