CPC (TDS) is committed to contribute effectively in the nation building process through efficient tax administration and improved voluntary compliance. This is intended to be achieved by an enabling policy environment and augmenting the revenue mobilization apparatus under the law, while maintaining taxpayer confidence in the system. To achieve the objectives, we have setup processes which have facilitated a paradigm shift in managing TDS collections, along with deep orientation towards our end users.

CPC take pride in your valued partnership, which has helped in numerous ways to assist “TRACES” grow in a very short span of time. Following are some statistics that represent the volume of our success:

  • Total Deductors Registered – 9.2 Lakhs
  • Original Statements processed for 26AS – 69.14 Lakhs (99.2% completion)
  • Correction Statements processed for 26AS – 22.51 Lakhs (96% completion)
  • Total Download requests (as of December 24, 2013) –
  • Form 16/ 16A files (which include certificates within): 34.56 Lakhs
    • Conso files: 23.85 Lakhs
    • Justification Reports: 11.55 Lakhs
  • 26AS Online views – 22 Crores

We have traversed a significant journey, albeit, there are many miles to go and the essence of your partnership can never be overemphasized. Your support is solicited in achieving our objectives by way of following:

  • Deduction/ Collection of Tax at correct rates
  • Timely Deposit of Tax Deducted at Source
  • Accurate Reporting of data related to tax deductions/ collections made
  • Submission of TDS Statements within the due dates
  • Verification and Issuance of TDS Certificates within time

Your above actions not only avoid generation of Defaults, but have a far-reaching effect in building a robust compliance environment and touches the lives of all the citizens of our country in multiple ways. Let us, therefore, commit ourselves to build a “Default Free” environment in the New Year in our endeavor to improve the tax regime in national interest.

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  1. dattatreyahg says:

    Typical bla bla bla of a govt dept. Ask any Competent Independent Agency to assess the Performance of our Tax-Administration ever since it undertook Computerisation,and I am sure the Tax- Administration will get a funny score—- 100 out of 100 for the enormous amount of work created for themselves and the additional Estt thereof and for the brand new acronyms like TIN,TRACE,TAN, and forms like 26as,16/16a & what not , vast number of Returns, and for things like Citizens Charter,Taxpayer-friendly measures, Central Processing,360degree surveillance etc etc etc. Come to the effectiveness of all these,the score wont even cross the basic pass-mark of 35%. I mean the meaningful result vis-a-vis the cost associated with it,the confusions/ complications created (Just one example of the endless mess called TDS-Adnministration, which stirred the anger of DEDUCTEES, is sufficient to assess the performance. Deductees have not forgotten that famous DO letter from a CBDT Member which advised(!) the Deductees to solve their TDS problems directly with DEDUCTORS washing off responsibility basically entrusted to it). And,the proof of Pudding is in Eating. Just see the pending REFUND Cases,you understand the inefficiency. I am hoping like hell that I will see a day when I will rush to congratulate the Tax-Administration for its effectiveness,simple & easily understood rules / procedures,hazzle-free & quick Refunds,taxpayer-friendly system. On that day, I will gladly go public pleading for a BHARAT RATNA or something equivalent to this Dept as a whole. Will that day come before I die(I am 71 yrs)?

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