As per information received from GSTN, It is informed that links related to following forms, have been disabled on GST Portal w.e.f. 28.12.2017:

1. Form GST TRAN-01 (as last date to file the form was 27th Dec, 2017)

2. Table 6A of Form GSTR-1 (This has been disabled, since Form GSTR-1 is now open for all months. Taxpayers may now enter the details of exports in table 6A of GSTR-1, while filing Form GSTR-1 of the respective tax periods. For previous filed table 6A of Form GSTR-1, taxpayer shall be able to view/ read through ARN search)

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5 responses to “TRAN-01 & Table 6A of Form GSTR-1 disabled wef 28.12.2017”

  1. dhruv says:

    please extend trans 1 date ..

  2. Surajit Kumar Das says:

    I was failed to SUBMIT & FILE – TRAN – 1 as the internet disconnected for us and data uploaded in GST Portal. In this case, what is the option now to file the TRAN-1?

  3. Venkatesh Bairy says:

    We could not submit TRAN-1 due to system errors. What is the remedy now. The value is quite high… How to get the credit TRAN-1??

  4. munesh verma says:

    What to do if suppose we did not pay GST on exported material an not shown in GSTR-3B. How to pay it and how to off set on the GST portal?


  5. Bhavik Vaidya says:

    GST TRAN-01 Revised option available

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