1. Transport Services:

Tax rate ITC – Services ITC – Goods
(a) Goods by rail
(i) Containers 12 Y Y
(ii) Others 5 Y N
(b) Passengers by rail (Ex. sleeper class) 5 Y N
(c) GTA Services
(i) Household goods for personal use 5 N N
(ii) Others (RCM) 5 N N
(d) Goods in Vessel (upto custom station) 5 Y N
(e) For passengers
(i) Air conditioned carriage/Radio taxi 5 N N
(ii) Air
* In economy class 5 Y N
* Others 12 Y Y
* To/from regional connectivity scheme 5 Y N
(f) Others
(i) Renting of Motorcab
* Fuel paid by provider 5 N N
* fuel paid by recipient 18 N N
(ii) Tour operators services 5 N N
(iii) Leasing of Aircrafts 5 Y N

2. Advertisement:

(a) Selling of space in print media 5 Y Y
(b) Job work i.r.t. Newspaper printing 5 Y Y

3. Restaurant:

Supplying foods/drinks
(a) No AC (not serving liquor) 12 Y Y
(b) License to serve liquor 18 Y Y
(c) Having AC at anytime during the year 18 Y Y
(d) 5 star or above hotels 28 Y Y

4. Renting of Commercial places (like hotels)

For residential or lodging purpose
(a) Room tariff =>1000 but <2500 12 Y Y
(b) Room tariff =>2500 but <5000 18 Y Y
(c) RT=>5000 & 5 star or above hotels 28 Y Y

5. Others

(a) Rights to use any goods without transferring of title Same rate of Goods
(b) Foreman of Chit fund 12 Y N
(c) Intellectual Property (use/Temporary T/f) 12 Y Y
(d) Outdoor catering (foods/drinks) 18 Y Y
(e) Function/party including premises rent (foods/drinks) 18 Y Y
(f) Circus, Drama & Indian classic dance 18 Y Y
(g) Work contracts 18 Y Y
(h) Entertainment events/Amusement parks 28 Y Y
(i) Race club 28 Y Y
(j) Gambling 28 Y Y
(k) All other services 18 Y Y

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