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Vanaja N. Sarna

Dated 28th March, 2018
Dear Colleagues,

The Review cum Regular DPC in respect of the promotion to the post of Commissioner (SAG) for vacancies in the years 2008-09 to 2011-12 has been conducted in UPSC. I will update you in this regard subsequently.

The special drive on refunds to exporters which started from 15th March 2018 is scheduled till 29th March, 2018. All the concerned formations will anyway have their offices open on this day. However, in order to facilitate the exporters, especially the ones who for some reason could not avail of the facility of the special drive on the designated days, I would like all the concerned offices to remain open on 30th (Friday) and 31st March 2018 (Saturday) also. You may like to issue trade notices in this regard and also give wide publicity for the exporters’ information to make full use this facility. With regard to IGST refunds by Customs formations, as on 28th March 2018, it has been informed that refunds amounting to Rs. 2,293 crore has been sanctioned during the special drive. To put things in perspective, at the start of the special drive, the total IGST Refunds that had been sanctioned stood at Rs. 5,339 crores. That being so, the total IGST refunds sanctioned upto 28th March, 2018 has now reached Rs. 7,632 Crore.

As far as ITC refunds are concerned, as on 28th March, 2018, refunds amounting to Rs. 633 crores have been sanctioned by CBEC during the special drive. At the start of the special drive, total ITC refunds that had been sanctioned stood at Rs. 4,374 crores. Therefore, the total ITC refunds sanctioned up to 28th March, 2018 has now reached Rs. 5,007 crores. I am informed that officers’ intervention has ensured sanction of refunds to exporters in many cases. Your efforts are commendable. Please do keep up the good work as we still have a long way to go.

From the 1st of April, 2018, the e-way Bill system for inter-State movement of goods will be introduced. While this system is new for us, I am quite sure that we will come up with our exemplary best in ensuring the success of this endeavor. The benefits of the new system need to be shared with the trade and industry and our focus should be on ensuring their smooth acclimatization to the new procedures. Further, it is important that the officers themselves are attuned to the nuances of the new compliance ecosystem. In this regard, I would urge all the Chief Commissioners to take personal interest in capacity building of our officers and provide guidance to them in handling various challenges that may arise on account of the roll out of the new system. Nodal officers for various zones have been appointed and have been provided with access to the e-way bill module and the user manual therein which will come handy while resolving any issues that trade and industry might bring forward during implementation of the e-way bill.

The creation of Customs Audit Commissionerates has been approved by the competent authority to be effective from 1st April, 2018. For further details you may like to go through the letter dated 28th March, 2018 issued in this regard.

As always, I am happy to share that Shri Dhananjay Singh, Assistant Commissioner (2016 batch-officer trainee) of Vadodara –I CGST has been contributing articles on GST and Exports, Anti-profiteering mechanisms in GST, e-way bill and the like in various newspapers. My heartiest congratulations to this young officer. I am looking forward to many such contributions from other officers of this department as well. Every step to elucidate GST by us is a step towards compliance by the assessee.

Two officers of the department superannuate this month. Shri Rajiv Bhushan Tiwari, Chief Commissioner, GST Bengaluru Zone and Shri K. Raghu N. Chary, Chief Commissioner, Customs Bengaluru Zone. A small farewell was organised for the officers by the Members and other officers of the Board. On behalf of all the officers and staff of the department, I wish both the officers and their families best of luck and all happiness.

With Warm Wishes,

Yours sincerely,

(Vanaja N. Sarna)

All officers and staff of Central Board of Excise and Customs

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