One of the most important tasks in getting prepared for GST is updating the vendor and the customer master with their GST registration number. This is a big task for many large companies which have thousands or even tens of thousands of records to update.

One of the common solutions used are manually sending e-mails to the vendors/ customers which has the following challenges:

  1. Details are received in separate emails which are difficult to track.
  2. Often the details are only received partially.
  3. The process of verification of registration number with reference to the registration document provided by the vendor/ customer is manual.
  4. Difficult to keep track of the progress of the activity. This especially poses challenges when you have to send reminder emails.
  5. The master database has to be updated for each record separately and it is very time-consuming.

For smaller businesses, it is equally difficult even if they have only about 100 records to update. offers a completely automated solution to this issue.

Some of the key highlights of the solution:

  1. All the updated records can be downloaded in a single excel sheet which can be imported into your ERP or any other accounting software.
  2. GST registration number is verified with reference to the registration document uploaded by vendor/customer.
  3. Automated reminders can be sent to those who haven’t responded.
  4. You would also be able to share your GST registration number, verified by early GST, which they can download in an excel file.

early GST also provides a completely outsourced service wherein the client company would not be required to spend any time on this process and early GST team calls the vendors/customers, specially where email ID is not available or updated and ensures that your master is up-to-date.

Some of the largest companies in India are already using the platform to get their vendor and customer master updated.

Small businesses with less than 100 B2B customers and vendors can use the application for FREE by just registering on and then sending invites to their customers and vendors so that each can download each other’s details. For vendor/ customers ranging from 101 up to 500, the cost would be Rs. 10,000.

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