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Trade Circular

No. JC-Mahavikas / New Automation/ e-CST Go Live /B- 1049 Date: 01-02-2018

Trade Circular No: 04 T of 2018

Subject: SAP based e-CST module on MAHAGST portal for dealers registered before 25.05.2016.

The dealers who are registered under the CST Act, 1956 prior to 25/05/2016 obtain their CST declarations for the periods up to 30/06/2017 by submitting a Statement of Request (SOR) on the MAHAVAT portal ( The (Maharashtra Goods and Services Tax Department (MGSTD) has started its MAHAGST ( from 26/12/2017. The utility of obtaining e-CST declarations, for the dealers as above, will be made available on the new MAHAGST portal soon. In order to carry out necessary technical changes the utility of uploading SORs for the periods up to 30/06/2017 by the dealers registered prior to 25/05/2016 has been discontinued from the MAHAVAT portal.

The date on which the utility of obtaining the e-CST declarations shall start on MAHAGST portal will be notified soon through a Trade Circular. In the meantime, the nodal officers with whom the e-CST applications of the dealers registered prior to 25/05/2016, for periods up to 30 /06/2017 are pending have been instructed to dispose off the pending application expeditiously.

The dealers are requested to immediately clarify/remove the discrepancies, if any, in respect of their pending e-CST applications, as soon as possible.

The process of raising e-CST declarations by the dealers registered under the CST Act, 1956 prior to 25/05/2016 for the periods up to 30/06/2017 shall be separately explained in a Trade Circular.

This circular is clarificatory in nature and cannot be used for any legal interpretation.

Rajiv Jalota

Commissioner of State Tax,

Maharashtra State, Mumbai.

No. JC-Mahavikas / New Automation / e-CST Go Live / B-1049 Date: 01-02-2018

Trade Circular No. 04T of 2018

H. V. Nikam

Joint Commissioner of State Tax


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