Punjab Excise & Taxation Department has revised the amount of processing fee leviable under rule 40-A of the Punjab VAT Rules, 2005. The detail of the same is as under :-
“Rule 40-A. Annual processing fee.- Every taxable person, shall pay annual processing fee, as specified in the Table given below, in the month of October every year, and shall attach a receiptlchallan , as the case may be, as a proof of payment of such fee along with the quarterly return, namely:-
Serial No.
Category of Dealer
Amount of
Processing fee
(in rupees)
Dealers, who have not filed returns during the financial year 2012-13
Dealers, whose gross turnover was nil during previous financial year.
Dealers, who have paid no tax and whose gross
turnover is up-to-rupees,-
(i) .one crore;
(ii) one crore to five crore;
(iii) five crore to ten crore; and
(iv) ten crore and above
All other Dealers
 Beside this the Excise & Taxation Department has also changed the monetory limits for certification of Annual Return by Chartered Accountant from Fifty Lacs to One Crore by making the necessary amendment in Rule 41 as the words ‘Fifty Lacs’ was substituted with ‘One Crore’.


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