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GST Return Process

1. Furnish the detail of Outward Supplies within 10 days of close of the month in Form GSTR-1 (Section 37 of CGST)

2. Supplies details are to be given in the form GSTR-1(Refer below diagram for information to be given in GSTR-1).

3. These details will be auto transferred in Form GSTR-2A of the recipients.

4. Recipients to prepare the detail of its receipts in Form GSTR-2 by 15th of the following month (Section 38 of CGST).The detail in GSTR-2 shall be on the basis of

5. The detail amended by recipient shall be communicated to supplier in GSTR-1A and supplier can either accept or reject the changes made by recipient.

6. Composition dealers to file the return n GSTR-4.

7. Recipient to reverse the credit with interest taken if the supplier doesn’t pay the tax within 60 days.

8. Annual return to be filed December 31 of the following year in Form GSTR-9. It is to be filed even by dealer registered under Composition Scheme.

9. Audit Report Form –GSTR-9C–Annual

Details on Outward Supplies in Form GSTR-1

To be submitted within 10 days from end of the month.

To be filed by every registered person except ISD, NR taxable person, person registered under Composition Scheme, TDS and TCS.

Detail of such furnished details shall be communicated to the recipient.

Once furnished GSTR-1 can only be amended by recipient.

Detail of Outward supplies includes:

Intra- State Apply

  • Invoice wise supply made to registered persons.
  • Rate wise supply to unregistered persons.

Inter- State Supply

  • Invoice wise supply made to registered persons.
  • State wise and Rate wise supply to unregistered persons.
  • Additional requirement for inter- state supply to unregistered persons: Invoice wise details of supply of invoice value of more than Rs. 2.50 lakhs.

Intra-State Supply


Inter- State Supply

Details required for filing Inward supplies details in GSTR-2

1. The recipient is communicated the detail filled by the supplier in form GSTR-2A and the following changes can be made in the form GSTR-2A for filing of GSTR-2 by recipient:

a. Add the detail of purchase made by recipient which is not included by supplier in GSTR-2A

b. Delete the detail of supply included in GSTR-2A by supplier which is not received by the recipient.

c. Validate the detail entered in the form by supplier.

d. Amend the details of credit and debit note entered by the supplier if the detail is not correct as per recipient.

e. Add the detail of receipts on which GST is payable under RCM.

f. Detail of receipts on which IGST is payable under custom tariff act 1975.

g. The invoice wise detail of all the purchase from registered and unregistered dealers including unmatched details with GSTR-2A.

h. Mention the credit eligibility against all the purchase made by the recipients.

i. Detail of Invoice of ISD/TDS and TCS in part B of form GSTR-2.

2. The modification shall be done before 15 of the following month.

3. The amended Form GSTR-2 shall be made available to suppliers in GSTR-1A.

4. Supplier to accept or reject the changes made by the recipient after 15th but before 17th of the following month.

5. Form GSTR-1 shall stand amended accordingly.

After accepting the change made by the other party (by recipient in GSTR-2A and by supplier in GSTR-1A), the person accepting the changes shall be liable to tax and interest on account of short payment of tax for the month before filing return.

Return is to be filed in form GSTR-3 on the basis of Form GSTR-1 and GSTR-2

Manner of submission of Form GSTR-3

1. Every registered person under the act is required to file GSTR-3 by 20th of the following month.

2. However the following persons are not required to comply with the above mentioned point 1, i.e.

  • Persons covered under section 14 of IGST Act.
  • Input Service Distributor
  • Non-resident Taxable Person

3. GSTR-3 can be filed through Common Portal or with help of Facilitation Center as notified by commissioner.

4. Part A of Form GSTR-3 is being auto populated through information provided in Form GSTR-1 and GSTR-2.

5. Every registered person shall discharge his tax liability along with interest, penalty if any by debiting the electronic cash ledger or electronic credit ledger and providing this detail in Part B of GSTR-3.

6. Refund, if any, can be claimed in Part B of Form GSTR-3.

7. Where time limit for filing Form GSTR-3 has been extended then, if the conditions warrant, Form GSTR-3B may be used for this purpose.

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