1. See the supplier-wise summary of all invoices uploaded by supplier taxpayer

2. Against each invoice of the supplier, receiver taxpayer can take one of four possible actions – Accept, Modify, Reject, and Keep Pending, after Supplier taxpayer has uploaded his GSTR 1

when supplier taxpayers files his GSTR 1. Till filing of GSTR 1 by supplier taxpayer, these invoices will be only be available to receiver taxpayer for view. Receiver taxpayer can take action in his GSTR 2, after supplier taxpayer has filed his GSTR 1 (with EVC or DSC)

3. Add (by using ADD MISSING INVOICE option). all the invoices for the tax period. which have not been uploaded by the various Supplier(s) taxpayer

If supplier taxpayer does not upload his/her supply invoices and files his GSTR 1 or uploads invoices, but does not file his/her GSTR 1, then receiver taxpayer can Add (by using ADD MISSING INVOICE option), all the invoices, which have not been added by the various Supplier(s) taxpayer, for the tax period.

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9 responses to “What a receiver taxpayer can do in his GSTR 2?”

  1. Krishna says:

    Dear Sir,

    One of our Supplier Uploaded the Taxable amount and Tax Amount wrongly and file the GSTR-1, now we have to modify still the options Accept, Modify,Reject and Keep pending options not appeared in GSTR-2A,

  2. Salim Rajpari says:

    can anyone please explain about the GSTR1A which is now showing on the returns dashboard

  3. moiz lokhandwala says:

    Does one has to report all the purchase invoices in GSTR2 or only those which are not reflected or are mismatched with those in GSTR2A?

  4. raj kumar says:

    purchase bills shown in gstr2a, but not shows in form gstr2
    what should i do?
    pls guggest

  5. Satya Abhiram Karlapati says:

    Where are these BUTTONS of acceptance / REJECTIOn / modification.

    Theory seems to be something else and the portal shows some thing else..

  6. FCA Devang says:

    The buttons of Accept, Reject, Modify and Keep Pending are not yet autopopulated in GSTR2A till date (12/10/2017). When will be be autopopulated in order we accept or reject or modify the same. ?

  7. Nand Gopal says:

    What to do if these options (Accept, Modify, Reject, and Keep Pending) are not available there.

    Does it mean supplier did not file GSTR-1.?

  8. samit chakraborty says:

    whether HSN wise summary of Inward supply will be furnished compulsory in sr.no.13 of GSTR2

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