What is GST Registration ?

Starting From 1st July 2017, Many state and Central Govt indirect taxes have been subsumed in one across the country tax, i.e. Goods and Services Tax. Earlier each state has their own indirect tax such as VAT and central Govt has Services tax. There was a different set of registration was required to comply with State VAT and service tax. Now a new unified registration number called Goods and Service Tax Identification Number (i.e. GSTIN) required being taken to comply with GST. This is a major step towards One Nation One Tax Policy of Govt.

Who required GST registration?

Starting from 1st July 2017 GST Registration is mandatory requirement to do trading, manufacturing or to provide any services in India. Small traders and services providers with a turnover of less 20 lakhs (In Assam Limit is 10 Lakhs) is exempted from taking GST Registration. As per latest amendment even person dealing multistate are also allowed to carry business if their turnover is less then threshold limit of Rs 20 Lakhs.

What is GSTIN ?

The Registration Number Issued in GST is known as GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Number).

Who can take new GST Registration?

Every Dealer or Service Provider, Who turnover is more then 20 Lakhs need to mandatory register for GST, Apart from this every, E-Retailer, Importer or Exporter Or Interstate Dealer need to mandatory Register for it without any exemption for Rs 20 Lakh basic limit.

I am starting a new busines, Is it mandatory to take GST Number?

No, It is not Mandatory as per GST Act, However, you should look for practical aspects as well, If either your Customer or Supplier Demand GST then You have to Register for GST. Further, If you are in a business of an E- Retailing, Import Export or Interstate Trade then it will be mandatory to obtain a GST number.

My Turnover is less then 20 Lakh , Do I need to Register for GST?

Refer the Previous question.

I am a New Business owner Do I need to go for GST Migration or New Registration?

You need to go for new GST Registration, Any how migration for old Service Tax and VAT are now discontinued so, Now everyone has to go for new registration.

Is Digital Signature is mandatory for GST Registration?

No, it is not required for proprietorship, Firm but for LLP and Company Digital signature is mandatory for GST Registration. However you need not take a new Digital signature, The signature taken for Annual compliance can be used here as well.

I have Business in Multiple State do I need to registered in Each state separately?

Yes, you need to take registration in every state separately, Need to maintain accounts and records
separately as well as the need to file GST return separately.

I have ST and VAT Registration, How I will get registered in GST?

From 1st July 2017  onward, all VAT and ST number has been cancelled hence, Now you need to go only for new registration for GST only.

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  1. Dharati says:

    Is it necessary to file GST returns and maintain books of accounts ( if not required to maintain under other taxation rules).
    If GST returns are mandatory after registration then how frequently it is to be filed???

    It would be a great help if I can get help on above

    Dharati Shah

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