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The landscape of taxation in India is ever-evolving, adapting to the changing dynamics of the economy. In a move aimed at expanding the tax base and achieving uniformity, there have been proposals to amend the law and include online gaming and horse racing in Schedule III as taxable actionable claims. Furthermore, it is proposed that all three sectors, namely casinos, horse racing, and online gaming, should be subjected to a uniform tax rate of 28%. This article explores these proposed amendments and their potential impact.

Online Gaming: Bridging the Tax Gap

In recent years, online gaming has witnessed unprecedented growth in India. The proposed inclusion of online gaming in Schedule III as a taxable actionable claim is a significant step toward ensuring that this burgeoning industry contributes its fair share to the nation’s tax revenue. Under the proposed changes, tax would be levied on the full value of the bets placed in online gaming activities.

Horse Racing: Leveling the Playing Field

Horse racing has a long-standing tradition in India, and it has also seen various tax structures over the years. The proposal to tax horse racing at a uniform rate of 28% on the full value of bets placed with bookmakers or totalisators aims to bring consistency to this sector. This move will not only generate additional revenue but also streamline the tax structure for horse racing enthusiasts.

Casinos: Fair Taxation for Entertainment

Casinos have been a unique entity in the Indian tax landscape. The proposal suggests taxing casinos at a uniform rate of 28% on the face value of the chips purchased. This simplification of the tax structure will not only make the taxation process more straightforward but also ensure that casinos contribute their share to the tax revenue.

Uniform Tax Rate: Promoting Fairness

One of the key aspects of these proposed amendments is the introduction of a uniform tax rate of 28% for all three sectors. This uniformity not only simplifies tax compliance but also ensures that each sector is taxed fairly and equitably. It eliminates potential discrepancies and creates a level playing field for businesses and consumers in these industries.


The proposed amendments to include online gaming and horse racing in Schedule III as taxable actionable claims and the imposition of a uniform tax rate of 28% for casinos, horse racing, and online gaming mark a significant stride toward modernizing and streamlining the tax structure in India. These reforms aim to bring the tax framework in line with the evolving economic landscape and ensure that all sectors contribute proportionately to the country’s tax revenue.

As these proposals progress, it is essential for stakeholders in these industries, as well as tax authorities, to work together to implement these changes smoothly. This not only fosters tax compliance but also helps create a transparent and equitable tax system, aligning with the broader objectives of India’s economic growth and development.

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