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nilesh-sonawaneAll My Dear………

Let’s Know GST & Away The Fear

New enrollment with help of ” GSTN” # ropes

New Act, New formats with new hopes

New “Arun’odaya” 1 from new financial year 2

Let’s Know GST and away the fear……


In GST, tax rate in 4 slabs3

Threshold limit fixed at 20 lacs4

By implementation of GST, ‘GDP’ will step-up next gear

Let’s Know GST and away the fear……


In GST, various types of “GST Return”

10,15, & 20 are the dates, in your mind it should be written

While availing ” Input Credit” take necessary care

Let’s Know GST and away the fear……


GST is easy, Simple not the Queer

To understand it, read ‘M.G.L.’5 in the prayer

Issue of Center & State’s right will shortly clear

Let’s Know  GST and away the fear……


Export will in ” Zero” Rate

Refund procedure will be complicate

In ACES, update & Amend your correct mail id & Mobile Number6

Let’s Know  GST and away the fear……


Be part & witness of great Eco-Revolution

To the Govt. forward your opinion & Suggestion

India welcomes to GST, All my dear

Let’s Know to GST and away the fear……

– Nilesh Gajanan Sonawane

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1. Arunodaya– Risinng of Sun

– Poem Delegated to our Hon’ble Finance Minister “Shree Arun Jaitley sir”.

2. New Finacial Year i.e. 2017-18, GST will implement from 01/04/2017.

3. GST Council finalized 4 GST Rates i.e. 5%, 12%, 18% & 28%.

4. The Goods & Services Tax (GST) Council has decided that businesses in the Northeastern and hill states with annual turnover below Rs. 10 lakh would be out of the GST net, while the threshold for the exemption in the rest of India would be an annual turnover of Rs.20 lakh.

5. G.L- Model GST Law published by govt. for Study and suggestion.

6. Every assesee registered on ACES system have to update their correct email id and mobile number on which the new portal’s (GSTN- Goods and service Tax Network#) user ID & Password will be forwarded and your existing data will be migrated.

# . GSTN – Goods and service tax network.

To know More about GST Go Through GST Book PDF Download

New GST Rate on Goods

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  1. sandeep Mawal-UAE says:

    Nice Poem ..Keep it up Nileshji,

  2. NC N Chary says:

    very nice to read no fear,still yet know the zero tax list,schdules

  3. Jeevan Jagtap says:

    Very Nice, Nilesh. after reading it now there is no fear!!!.

    Jeevan Jagtap, From KTHM College Nasik.

  4. CA Priti Kachhal says:

    Good !

  5. CA Priti Kachhal says:

    Good Composition…..

  6. Nitin Lale says:

    Great Poem Nilesh Sonawane Sir…!!!

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