1. How can I claim refund of excess amount available in cash ledger?

1. Balance in the cash ledger should be sufficient

2. File RFD- 01 A and select the reason of Refund as ‘Refund on account of excess balance in cash ledger’.

3. Mention the amount of refund to be claimed in RFD- 01A and submit the form.

4. Once Application Reference Number (ARN) is generated, take a print of ARN and submit to the Jurisdictional Authority manually.

2. What is the amount limit for claim of refund in case of “Refund of excess amount from the cash ledger”?

In case of FORM GST RFD-01A, there is no restriction on claiming refund amount from Cash Ledger. However, law specifies that the refund of excess amount in Cash Ledger can be permitted only if amount is greater than Rs. 1000/.

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