pri FAQs on Submitting GST Refund Pre-Application Form FAQs on Submitting GST Refund Pre-Application Form

GST Refund Pre-Application Form

Q.1 What is Refund Pre-Application Form?

Ans: Refund Pre-Application is a form, which need to be submitted by the taxpayers to provide certain information related to nature of business, Aadhaar Number, Income Tax details, export data, expenditure and investment etc.

Q.2 What details are captured in Refund Pre-Application Form?

Ans: Below details are captured in Refund Pre-Application Form:

1. Nature of Business

2. Date of Issue of IEC (Only for Exporters)

3. Aadhaar Number of Primary Authorized Signatory

4. Value of Exports made in the Financial Year 2019-2020 (till date) (Only for Exporter)

5. Income tax paid in Financial Year 2018-2019

6. Advance tax paid in Financial Year 2019-2020 (till date)

7. Capital Expenditure and investment made in Financial Year 2018-2019

GST Refund

Submission & Tracking of GST Refund Pre-Application Form

Q.3 How can I submit Refund Pre-Application Form?

Ans: Navigate to Services > Refunds > Refund pre-application Form option to submit Refund Pre-Application Form.

Q.4 Is it required to sign the Refund Pre-Application Form for its submission?

Ans: It is not required to sign the Refund Pre-Application form for its submission.

Q.5 Will I get any intimation, once the Refund Pre-Application Form is submitted?

Ans: On submitting the refund pre-application form, you will be shown an acknowledgement message on the screen. No separate e-mail or SMS will be sent to you for the same.

Q.6 I have already submitted the Refund Pre-Application Form. I want to revise it now. Can I do so?

Ans: Once submitted, the Refund Pre-Application Form cannot be edited, revised or re-submitted again.

Q.7 Can I track the status of Refund Pre-Application Form after its submission?

Ans: There is no tracking functionality available after the Refund Pre-Application Form is submitted on the GST Portal.

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