Extended Due Dates for Income Tax Act & Goods And Service Tax (GST) Act

Central Board of Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes have issued notification on 1st May, 2021 under Income Tax Act and Goods and Service Tax act to implement certain relief measures to the tax payers in view of the 2nd wave of COVID 19.

Extended Due Dates for Taxpayers under Income Tax Act, 1961

Sr. No Particular Original  Date Extended Due Date
01. Filing Belated Returns of Income u/s 139(4) for AY 2020-21 31.03.2021 31.05.2021
02. Filling of SFT (Form No 61) 30.04.2021 31.05.2021
03. Return filed in response to notice u/s 148 01.04.2021 or thereafter 31.05.2021 or as allowed under that
04. Filing Appeal to CIT(Appeals) Under chapter XX of the Act As above notice which Ever is later
05. Objection to dispute Resolution Panel u/s 144 As above As above
06. Payments of TDS deducted u/s 194IA, 194IB and 194M and filing Of challan cum statement 30.04.2021 31.05.2021
07. Payment of the amount payable Under Direct Tax Vivad se Vishwas 30.04.2021 30.06.2021

Extended Due Dates for Department under Income Tax Act, 1961

Sr. No Particular Original  Date Extended Due Date
01. Time limit for passing of any order For assessment or reassessment under The Income Tax Act 1961 the time limit For which is provided u/s 153 or 153B 30.04.2021 30.06.2021
02. Time limit for passing an order consequent To direction of DRP u/s 144C(13) of Act 30.04.2021 30.06.2021
03. Time limit for issuance of notice u/s 148 of the Act for reopening the escaped Income assessment 30.04.2021 30.06.2021
04. Time limit for sending intimation of Processing of Equalization Levy u/s 168(1) of the Finance Act 2016 30.04.2021 30.06.2021

GSTR – 3B: Waiver of late fees:

Sr. No. Aggregate Turnover preceding F.Y. Period of Relief Original Due Date Revised Due Dates
01. Monthly Return Scheme
 More than Rs. 5 Crore March’21 20.04.2021 05.05.2021
April’21 20.05.2021 04.06.2021
Less than Rs. 5 Crore March’21 22.04.2021 20.05.2021
April’21 22.05.2021 19.06.2021
02. Quarterly return Scheme Quarter
(Less than Rs. 5 Crore) ended March 22.04.2021 22.05.2021

Reduced Interest for delayed payment

S. N. Aggregate Turn over in F.Y. Period of Relief Delay from Due date
Delay in Days First 15 Days Next 15 Days There after
(1) Monthly Return Scheme
(a) More than Rs. 5 Crore March 9% 18% 18%
(b) Less than Rs. 5 Crore April’21 NIL 9% 18%
(2) Quarterly Return Scheme (Less than Rs. 5 Crore)
(a) Return Filling Quarter Ended March NIL 9% 18%
(b) PMT 09 April’21 NIL 9% 18%
(3) Composition Scheme Quarter ended NIL 18%
(Less than Rs. 1.5 Crore) March’21 NIL 9% 18%

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