Nowadays a copy of Model GST law having tracked changes is doing the rounds on Social Media. The Same is of November 2016. We searched for official copy of the same on  various government websites but not found the same on any of the website.

On further search we found that the same is not been officially released and in repose to one twittery Dr Hasmukh Adhia- Revenue Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Government of India has clarified that government of GST Council has  not officially shared the revised draft of Model GST Law and advised to not to rely on the same.


Download Unofficial Model Draft GST Law

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3 responses to “Do not rely on Unofficial Draft Model GST Law – Adhia”

  1. vswami says:

    To Add: If ‘not officially shared’, as stated, by ‘we’, the intriguing poser : is not CBEC then a government body hence outside ‘we’ < whatever that means or intended to mean/denote?

  2. Ramanujam V says:

    Revised Model GST law is uploaded in CBEC website itself…

    • vswami says:

      Quite right; that is the indelible impression anyone might have been left with, at least after downloading the apparently genuine text , with the government’s emblem on top.
      The authority who has denied the official release of the subject material owes an explanation to ‘the subjects’, being ‘the ruled’, in public interest , openly through the media (not just the TWEET, not popular or commonly visited by most !)

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