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No: -JCST/Mahavikas/GST Enrollment/2017-18/B- 594
Trade Circular No. 42T of 2017

Mumbai, Dt. 22/09/2017

Subject: Distribution of GST Provisional Id and Access Token of Phase 13 dealers.

Reference: 1) Trade Circular 35T of 2016 dt. 12-11-2016.

2) Trade Circular 2T of 2017 dt. 06-01-2017.

3) Trade Circular 5T of 2017 dt. 27-02-2017.

4) Trade Circular 6T of 2017 dt. 04-03-2017.

5) Trade Circular 7T of 2017 dt. 09-03-2017.

6) Trade Circular 12T of 2017 dt. 25-04-2017.

7) Trade Circular 17T of 2017 dt. 30-05-2017.

8) Trade Circular 25T of 2017 dt. 27-06-2017.

9) Trade Circular 28T of 2017 dt. 07-07-2017.

10) Trade Circular 33T of 2017 dt. 21-07-2017.

11) Trade Circular 35T of 2017 dt. 11-08-2017.

12) Trade Circular 36T of 2017 dt. 18-08-2017.

13) Trade Circular 38T of 2017 dt. 04-09-2017.

14) Trade Circular 41T of 2017 dt. 19-09-2017.

With reference to the above referred Trade Circulars, the activity of GST data migration and distribution of Provisional Ids and Access Token is in progress since 14th November 2016. This activity has been carried out by Maharashtra GST Department in stage-wise manner in different 12 phases.

Provisional Ids and Access Token of Phase 13 dealers, are now made available by GSTN. Dealer can obtain their Provisional Ids from department’s portal www.mahavin using their login credentials. The list of all such dealers is published under GST Tab on Mahavat portal. This phase 13 mainly considers the 367 dealers whose Provisional IDs are recently restored.

This circular is clarificatory in nature and cannot be made use of for legal interpretation of provisions of Law. If any member of trade has any doubt, he may refer the matter to this Office for further clarifications.

Rajiv Jalota
Commissioner of State Tax,
Maharashtra State


No: -JCST/Mahavikas/GST Enrollment/2017-18/B- 594
Trade Circular No. 42T of 2017

Mumbai, Dt. 22/09/2017

Copy forwarded for information to:

1) Officer on Special Duty, Finance Department, Mantralaya, Murnbai

2) Under Secretary, Finance Department, Mantralaya, Mumbai

3) Accounts Officer, Sales Tax Revenue Audit, Mumbai and Nagpur.

Joint Commissioner of State Tax,

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