e Payment Module –  Process flow:

1. Dealer logs in on the Department’s website https://www.dvat.gov.in

2. Dealer clicks on e-payment option available on the website

3. Dealer selects the type of tax (VAT/CST) for which the payments have to be made

4. Dealer fills details in Challan – Tax Period (From Date and To Date), amount

5. Dealer clicks on ‘Next’ button

6. Dealer selects the bank through which the payment has to be made and presses the ‘Proceed for Payment’ button

7. Application connects to the respective bank’s website. Basic details will flow to Bank’s website in the encrypted form (String format mentioned below B01)

8. Dealer makes payment through internet banking on the website. The payment amount shall not be modifiable on bank’s portal

9. CIN number and transaction status (Success/Failure/Pending) will be send back to the tax department server along with the other details on real time basis in encrypted form. In case of transaction pending at checker level the return status shall be ‘P’. The final authorizer must complete the transaction on the same day otherwise transaction shall deem void. (String format mentioned below B02)

10. Department will generate and provide e-Challan to the dealers after successful transaction.

11. The banks need to upload Bank Transaction Scroll (Format mentioned below B03) on the Sales Tax Department website http://www.dvat.gov.in. This scroll have detail of all those transaction which is done based on today’s request from department site as well as all those transaction done at bank against the previous pending request.

12. Department will create Department Transaction Scroll based on Bank Transaction Scroll on real time. The file containing all the fields desired by Banks against the successful transactions only. This file is visible on our site with option of downloading.

13. The bank needs to send payment advice, branch scroll, and nodal bank scroll along with pay-out to RBI Delhi for successful transaction based on Department Transaction Scroll. In case of failure transaction according to Department Transaction Scroll, Amount collected by banks should be reversed.

14. Bank will also upload the branch scroll and nodal bank scroll which is sent to RBI on department site.

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