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During the month of October joint committee on business process for GST has submitted one of the important report on process related to GST returns. This document will give blue print on various return forms, mode of filing return and at last the processing of returns and corrections in filed return. As of now almost all the States and Central Govt. has prescribed online filing of returns along with relevant annexures. This article has been written to give clarity on likely procedures in filing e-return, various new features of e-returns under GST and also make comparison with existing returns under State and Central Acts.

Various return forms under GST:

In order to give you clarity the returns has been segregated in 5 parts which are interrelated to each other. The applicable returns have been given hereunder for each class of taxpayer.

Class of dealers Forms prescribed Comments
Normal dealers





Above are Interrelated


GSTR-8- Annual return


Most of the dealers will fall under this class and they are required to file these three returns for compliance under GST.

In addition to above normal dealers has to file an annual statement to reconcile the books of accounts with returns.

This practice is already prevalent in various states.


Compounding dealers GSTR-4- Simple Annual Return



Normally compounding dealers are considered small and their compliance is also kept simple. They are required to file quarterly GSTR-4 and a simple annual return. The format of annual return would be simpler than GSTR-8.
Non-Resident-Foreign Taxpayer GSTR-5 A single form in GSTR-5 shall be filed to furnish the information of turnover by this class of taxpayers.
Input Service Distributor (ISD) GSTR-6 This concept is already enforced under service tax law and most of us are aware about it. This concept is retained under GST law also.



Tax Deductor’s GSTR-7 Those who are liable to deduct TDS under GST law are liable to file the TDS return. This return is not new to us as we are filing WCT-TDS return under various State laws.

Interlinking between GSTR-I, GSTR-II and GSTR-III:

The normal dealers under GST law are required to file GSTR-1, 2, 3 and GSTR-8 (Annual Return) to show reconciliation between books and returns.GSTR-1 is a statement which will be used to file details of outward supplies made by the taxpayer and GSTR-2 is details of inward supplies received. GSTR-3 will be the final statement which shall be auto populated from GSTR-1 and GSTR-2. Now we can understand this concept with the help of an example where taxpayer-B has sold goods worth Rs. 100 by charging GST to taxpayer C. Taxpayer B has purchased above said goods from taxpayer-A for Rs. 90.Now in this case taxpayer B shall wait for the GSTR-1 filed by taxpayer A and file his GSTR-1 without delay. On the basis of figures filed by taxpayer A i.e. sale of Rs. 90 taxpayer B will upload his final return in form GSTR-3 by paying differential GST to exchequer. The procedure shall be followed by taxpayer C while filing his GSTR-1, 2 and 3.GST ReturnClosing comments:

The draft submitted by joint committee on GST return has prescribed 08 types of returns which shall be filed by different class of taxpayers. The option of revision of return is no more continued under GST law which will be substituted with correction in current period returns. The use of HSN codes and accounting codes in invoices is also recommended with certain exceptions.

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