We have written load of things about the problems due to the way GST implemented without any preparation or foresight. By the time we understand a provision it changes to some new “fatwa”.

Again strive & struggle to grasp that.

At present, whatever reforms the government is making, they are policy based & most are only deferred till March.

What happens when they are re-imposed ?

No one is talking about software related hurdles which  are still big hurdles & great stress triggers ?

Anyway, among all we have not at all talked about stress induced by lousy & careless clients.

To make GST a success, only we are responsible ? Government is listening to a few things & neglecting many things.

But among all what about uneducated or lousy or careless clients ? Ask your self – Are they not contributing to seething stress by not giving time to understand procedures & doing best to comply.

I have been literally feeling as if I am teaching k g children while explaining them do’s & Don’t. See below.

To all my clients:

By now I am sure you all know what is GST n how tough is Return filing procedure. I am handling GST accounts for more than 30 clients & filing IT returns for more than 250 people in year. It is my 10 years’ record that no one has paid any late fees or penalties so far.

Apart from Return filing there are other things like audit, assessment, tax planning and a lot many issues.

Now, I have to request you all that, I MUST get all your sale & purchase bills LATEST by 3 Rd of every month. If everyone gives at last minute someone’s work is definitely going to suffer.

Also you must send your bills to your buyers in time & vice versa.

Please mention GSTIN of your buyers in legible handwriting & check it same way on your purchase bill.

I have to state very CLEARLY that if you delay sending data to us YOU will be liable for late fees & penalties.

The stress what we get doing things in last moment is too much harmful to our health than late fees for you.

And MOST IMPORTANT : This you have got to do every month -So –  NO reminders SHALL be given EVERY MONTH , YOU need to remember YOUR dates & follow them. So please don’t blame US afterward.

For your business health you too need to be careful and it is for you own good only.

H A Vakharia, Tax Consultant

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  1. A Senthil says:

    Nice Article sir. I have suffered with Stress and Anxiety in July and August and admitted under Medical treatment mainly on GST and other works suffered due to GST. I never will forget this regime in my life.

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