Advisory Issued by the GST POLICY WING

Dated– 20th June 2017

1) Central Excise and Service taxpayers migrating to GST –

a) Provisional ID which can’t be used to migrate as they are showing ‘RC cancelled’, are being reactivated. Please use these to enroll on GST portal beginning 25 June. Once enrolled, you get three months to submit your registration form.

b) Migrating taxpayers can use enrolled provisional ID as their GSTIN for conducting their business from 01/07/2017 for 3 months without waiting for issue of certificate of registration (GSTIN).

c) Taxpayers who have obtained central excise and service tax registration in June 2017 would be issued provisional ID in the first week of July 2017.

2)Application for new registration under GST can be filed beginning from 25 June 2017. The application for registration can be submitted within a month of the date of liability to get registered. So, taxpayers liable for registration on July 1, 2017 can submit registration application till July 31, 2017 on GST portal. Therefore, there is ample time period for applying for fresh registration.

It is Important to Note:

Situation:  RC is cancelled or Provisional ID is cancelled

Assessees who are not able to migrate to GST due to RC cancelled (PID cancelled) error are requested to share the below details.


    Registration No

      Provisional ID


Situation: PID is awaited or not available:

Assessees who are not having a provisional ID, share the following data for each state for which provisional ID is needed.


  Registration No

  PAN No.

   Legal Name on PAN

        Trade Name of Assesses



If you have already shared the above details at, please wait for 10 days to get the issue resolved.

Note: Provisional ID will be made available on your ACES account. You can log in to see the Provisional ID and password. In addition to that, information will be sent to Zonal Chief Commissioner’s office for further dissemination.

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  1. rekha says:

    if advisory has been issued by GST policy wing to state Government on particular issue raised, but state Government officer are denying they have received any advisory, in such case advisory issued by GST policy wing from which site we can find

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