Downloading Latest Version Of Offline Tool 2.0 From GST Portal

1. Download the latest version (2.0) of Offline Tool from the Download section of GST Portal.

2. Uninstall any previous version of the tool installed on your system. Extract the “Offline” downloaded from portal and install by selecting “GST offline Tool” icon.

3. For detailed instructions for installation please refer “Read Me” file in the extracted folder.


1. Log in to GST portal, click on “Returns Dashboard”. Select return period, on the next screen select “Prepare Offline” on the GSTR-2 returns tile

2. Navigate to download section and download data for GSTR-2 return preparation by clicking on “Generate File”.

3. The link to download GSTR-2 return data would be made available in approx20 minutes after clicking on “Generate File”. The number of files may be more in case of large number of records.

4. Download the files by clicking on the link that appears once the file is generated. The downloaded files are in zip format with file naming convention as Returns date of file generation _R2_GSTIN_Offline

5. Launch the GST offline Tool by double clicking on the “GST Offline Tool” icon on your desktop, and click on OPEN” and import the zip file(s) in the offline tool.

6. Upon successful import of the Zip files in to the offline tool, the GSTR -2 data downloaded from GST portal is populated section wise.

Actions to be Taken While Using Latest Version of Offline Tool 2.0


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