Question 1: Mai mere buyer Jo ki intra state hai, aur SEZ mai business karta hai usko IGST charge karke regular rate se invoice raise karta hoo, but Jab wo mujhe bill ke against payment karta hai tab GST ki amount less karke payment karta, Is it right or wrong?

Answer: You can claim refund of GST paid by you on supplies made by you to a SEZ unit as it is treated as zero rated supplies.

Question 2 : Can refund of gst ITC accumulated on purchase of capital goods used for business be done???

Answer: No, it is not permissible.

Question 3: One of Gold Jewellery shop on Trichy-TNadu, charging CGST & SGST, above 22 crt Gold prices of the day- Pl clarify, is it permissible?

Answer: This is permissible as the gold price is exclusive of GST.

Question 4: Sir/Madam, for an under-construction where the transaction was initiated post 1st July, how would anyone know if the builder has revised the pricing accordingly to the ITC claimed? What stops him from earning profit out of this?

Answer: The builder needs to adjust his price (without taxes) to the extent of ITC available to him.

Question 5: I am registered in state of Delhi as Builder & also having working sites in U.P., than I am liable to Registered in U.P. or not?

Answer: Registration is required in each of the States from where taxable supplies are made.

Question 6: I have wrongly short tax payment deposited for the month of Sep 2017 and Now I have going to deposit balance gst tax. Will I have to pay interest also on balance amount..????

Answer: Yes, interest is payable at the time of depositing balance tax amount.

Question 7: Dear Sir, I have received a final demand of 10% with GST@12% from my Builder(New way homes) , Gr. Noida West after he receives the OC from Gr. Noida authority. Does any GST applicable here? Plz clarify my concern.

Answer: Detailed clarificatory advertisement was brought out in newspapers on 16/12/2017.

Question 8: Supply of GTA service to SEZ whether transport need to charge IGST?

Answer: GTA service is under reverse charge as per Notification No. 13/2017- Central Tax (rate) dated 30/06/2017.

Question 9 : If one person is taking a services of a company for distribution of gifts to various people .. that company is charging gst on its services…thats fine but apart that it is giving bill of those goods n charging gst on that as well. is it ok??

Answer: If that company is supplying goods also, they need to charge GST on goods also.

Question 10: I have paid GST on advance @ 18%, but the products rate is reduced to 12% at the time of issuing invoice.What should be done?

Answer: Pl. show it in GSTR-1 accordingly

Question 11: For claiming GST refund from electronic cash ledger, ARN of Refund 01A is enough or we have manually file it to GST officer.

Answer: Banks are required to accept payments.

Question 12: For claiming GST refund from electronic cash ledger, ARN of Refund 01A is enough or we have manually file it to GST

Answer: Pl. submit your application to GST officer alongwith ARN of FORM GST RFD-01A.

Question 13: Is RCM still applicable on GTA services??

Answer:  Yes. It is applicable. Pl. see Notification No. 13/2017- Central Tax (Rate) dated 30/06/2017.

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