There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for removing 0 values from a chart. Susan Harkins takes a look at a few methods

Charting 0 Values isn’t wrong, but you won’t always want to display them in you charts. Your data and the chart’s purpose will guide you in this decision. When you don’t want to display these values, you have a few choices, and some work better than others. We’ll review a few that offer quick but limited results with minimum effort.

About the example data

Figure A shows the data and initial charts that we’ll use throughout this article. Right now, the charts display 0 values. The downloadable .xlsx and .xls files contain the data and charts. Your results might vary, depending on your version of Excel and your chart defaults. If you work through the instructions with the example workbook, be sure to undo each solution before you start the next. Simply close the file and reopen without saving.

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