Test anxiety can affect not just the result of your certification exam but also your wellbeing. It may lead to exam failure, or worst, mental breakdown! And if you don’t want to pull a stressful all-nighter, there’s no better way than to have a game plan.

For those who plan to take Microsoft exam 70-741, here are some key strategies that you can follow for a more relaxed yet highly efficient training.

Assess if you are a right fit for the exam

This may seem like a piece of nonsense advice, but honestly, this one is very important. The very first thing you should take into account before studying is to know if you’re a suitable candidate for the exam. Having the right knowledge and experience will give you leverage when preparing for the test. And this particular exam assumes that you are a skilled professional with prior background in working with Microsoft Distributed File System, Software Defined Networking, Network Controller, and Hyper-V Network Virtualization.

Lay out an efficient study plan

If you firmly believe that your knowledge and experience is more than enough, then time to take the next step. Create a timetable for each exam objective. You won’t have a hard time knowing the main topics because these are explicitly presented by Microsoft MCSA 70-741 Exam Dumps Questions on their website. When making your study plan, be realistic as much as possible. Don’t dwell too much on a strict study table. Actually, it’s much better that you add some recreation in between to help you loosen up and give your brain more room for development. And if you need to rest, don’t think twice!

Start comprehending the main objectives

Use the latest exam list of topics as your main reference. The most recent update was last March 13, 2019, so make sure you download and capitalize on this file. These topics are considered to be the “skills measured” once you complete your certification exam. A little preview of the main topics is that it includes Domain Name System, IP Address Management, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, Network Address Translation, Virtual Private Network, Software Defined Networking, Network Policy Server, Distributed File System, and other related features.

Avail of the Exam Ref 70-741

Books are never old-fashioned! The Exam Ref 70-741 by Andrew Warren (2016) is a remarkable preparatory material for your learning. It features step-by-step coverage of the exam objectives through in-depth discussion and strategic reviews. Plus, it provides some realistic case scenarios to help you sharpen your technical adeptness. Consequently, constant usage of this book establishes your profound grip in working with Windows Server 2016 installation and configuration. Aside from hard copy, this one is also available in eBook. Or, you have the option to purchase both for a much cheaper price. Just check out The Microsoft Press Store by Pearson.

Polish your networking knowledge

If you think you need a refresher of the basic networking in a Windows Server 2016 environment, you’ve got yourself lucky. Microsoft has its own online course for this sector, which helps you understand the necessary networks, web services, and apps surrounding a Windows Server even more. Since this is a self-paced training, it’s easy to study on your own. You can conveniently watch the comprehensive videos, listen to detailed discussions, and take some practical assessments. After completion of the course, you’ll be more proficient in terms of configuring DHCP and DND, along with its related features.

Learn thoroughly with a Microsoft instructor

If you want a thorough discussion of the exam topics, try the instructor-led course―20741A: Networking with Windows Server 2016. This training can either be online or remote, so simply choose the one that works best for you. On top of using the official exam content, this material is highly recommended because it includes Microsoft SATV, which provides all-inclusive technical training. Unlike the self-paced course, this one has a restricted time duration. You only have 5 days to complete this training.

Check your exam mastery via ExamSnap.com

But of course, you can’t just take your exam without assessing your exam mastery. Know how well you’ve mastered the topics by answering some vce files from ExamSnap.com. These files are apparently one of the best practice tests you can find online. They are acquired from real professionals who have completed their exam 70-741, which means you are technically answering real exam questions. At ExamSnap you can find free and paid practice tests and choose which ones to use to train. To add more, you can opt for video lectures and a study guide to cover all exam objectives. So, if you want to guarantee first attempt success, take advantage of these materials.

Carry on with the other required exams

Microsoft exam 70-741 is one of the three-part series required for an MCSA validation. The other two mandatory exams are 70-740 and 70-742. Give the same amount of dedication and hard work when preparing for these tests so you’ll earn the MCSA badge in Windows Server 2016. And just in case you want to be highly adept in Windows Server 2016, you have the option to continue with an MCSE Core Infrastructure. This expert-level credential solidifies your knack in one of these areas―networking, data center, systems management, and the like.


In the field of information technology, it’s not enough that you graduate with flying colors or you have one-year working experience. You have to be a constant achiever. You have to battle out the competition with top-notch certifications. And if you want to become a skilled professional in Windows Server 2016, you can heavily rely on your MCSA certification. So, pass exam 70-741, together with the two other tests, by using best practice tests as well as other study material from ExamSnap and be an in-demand IT pro in this highly challenging industry!

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