Today, every business sector, industry or organization is using technology as their ultimate source to grow, prosper and serve customers in the most advanced way.

Mutual Fund industry is also one such business sector that has seen unprecedented growth in the past several years, all thanks to the usage of highly advanced technology facilitated by the registrar and transfer agents (RTAs).

The optimal and precise use of technology has allowed the mutual fund industry to grow fastest among other financial sector businesses, including banking, pension, and insurance in this digital age.

In the disruptive success of mutual fund houses, RTA Agent has played an imminent role in terms of promoting and advancing the usage of technology at their shopfronts.

Technology has served the finance sector in a way that has never been imagined in the past. Take the example of intermediary interfaces, online investment tools for investors & distributors, data sharing tools or online transaction systems; all are driven and fostered by the advanced usage of technology.

RTAs Disrupting Mutual Fund Industry

We are now living in an age where you can encash your money in just a few seconds from your bank account, transfer it to someone else’s bank, receive monthly payouts or upload your investment data on various platforms via server-to-server integration.

Today, doing an any-day SIP with a mutual fund house, insurance firm or asset management company is a way to easy for investors, all thanks to the advancements in technology.

Now, let’s talk about Registrar and Transfer Agent and how they have used technology to become the true champion, ultimate foundation, and cornerstone of the mutual fund industry.

In the entire mutual fund ecosystem, a Registrar and Share Transfer Agent like SAG RTA serve, cater and communicate with every key stakeholder. These stakeholders include fund accountants, exchanges, asset management companies (AMCs), depositories, depository participants, couriers and postal agencies, mutual fund utilities, channel partners, payment aggregators, and banks through uninterrupted interfaces and other services.

RTAs are also held responsible for processing & transferring all the investor and investment-related data and details from different sources in multiple formats. RTAs also regularly communicate and assist every stakeholder in the mutual fund industry for managing their data through their systems.

Registrar & Share Transfer Agent also use advanced technology-driven systems to facilitate and exchange the data with multiple stakeholders in the mutual fund industry. The data is exchanged by the registrar and share transfer agent in multiple formats, including Excel, CSV, DBF, text or advanced XML via web-services.

RTAs technology-enabled system generates output files as per the required data format and input data put inside the system by the stakeholders. Registrar and transfer agent systems take data in various formats from stakeholders, preserved them in the database, and then generate the required output file in the requested format by making optimal use of technology.

Despite being at a progressive stage, the entire Registrar & Transfer Agent industry has been inspirational and praiseworthy for other businesses in the finance market. They are using cutting-edge technologies and working on innovative ideas today for catering the entire mutual fund industry.

Having the presence of so many administrative ground rules, regulations and regular alterations in the procedures have also not stopped RTAs to use breakthrough technology to aid mutual fund industry stakeholders.

RTAs efforts towards supporting mutual fund stakeholders are undeniable. That’s not all, RTAs are constantly upgrading their system & software to ensure security, reliability, and confidentiality of important financial and investment-related data while keeping their software user-friendly.

The high-end RTA’s technologies are a true game-changer and at the same time compliant to the statutes in the mutual fund arena. The number of complaints has gone down whereas mutual transactions are proliferating at lightning speed over the past few years, ever since RTAs have landed in mutual fund sphere.

Apart from introducing crunch products, processes, and regulatory changes in mutual fund sector, RTAs are also propelling industry stakeholders to stay ahead of the curve through disruptive innovations and introducing new ideas to them with technological changes.

The confidence within regulators, clients, and other stakeholders have also boosted immensely, all thanks to the Registrar & Share Transfer Agent systems and their potencies. RTAs, through the optimal technology usage, are bringing in leading-edge pioneer projects & products, systems, and procedures in the mutual fund arena. To add more, RTAs are also offering the most effective and efficient services to mutual fund customers.

Despite operating in a dynamic market, RTAs are working in the direction of taking the stature of mutual fund industry parallel or ahead of the banking sector.

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