We can now have the ownership details of a vehicle using the Vehicle registration number instantly through SMS.

Send a SMS to 092123 57123 typing vahan <space> <regn number without space>

You would get the following information instantly

The Number of Ownership sequence, Owner name, Type of the vehicle, Make of the Vehicle, Registration fitness validity, the road tax validity

The Service is Available for selected regions only.


Other SMS bases services from transport Department

A)  Service to be provided to the customer


transtrp <space> tax <space> vehicle no & send it to 9212357123

Eg- (transtrp tax tr01r 5678)

(2) For Fitness related information TYPE MESSAGE AS

transtrp <space> fit <space> vehicle no & send it to 9212357123

Eg- (transtrp fit tr01r 5678)

(3) For National Permit related information TYPE MESSAGE AS

vahan <space> np <space> vehicle  no & send it to  9212357123

Eg-(vahan np TR01R 1515).

B) Service from Transport Department

There are two types of services from the Transport Department.

i) Daily Services—Intimation SMS shall be sent to the customer on completion of a process on a daily basis.

  • Ownership Change
  • New Registration
  • Tax Intimation
  • Hypothecation Cancellations Intimation

ii) Monthly Service—SMS will be sent to the customer on monthly basis.

  • Tax Defaulter (Monthly Service)

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0 responses to “How to know ownership details of a vehicle through mobile”

  1. pawanism pavan says:

    i want no how to find vehicle number registration details of owner

  2. Rishi says:

    I tried but not get any information regarding ownership. Only helpful to find district and RTO office.

  3. nambirajan says:

    i am tried but i not got any result my registeration tn 72

  4. REKHA says:


  5. krishna says:

    I tried both Tamil Nadu / Karnataka.. but not got any details…

  6. sachin ghonge says:

    i am find to online vehicle ownership detail but i am not find to online details plz sent me right web site sent my email id

  7. david says:

    Rubbish….no details were provided, money making racket. They wouldnt stop to deduct Rs 1.50 for an sms but will not provide any details.

  8. PRAVIN says:

    did not get the name of owner, & car model, displays only reg validity & tax status..

  9. natarajan says:

    CORRECTION FOR MY PREVIOUS COMMENT In Maharashtra they have not provided the phone No and other details

  10. natarajan says:

    Previously I tried from Tamilnadu, subsequently I tried for a Maharashtra vehicle. I got reply for both
    thanks. I am telling to all. My son he read it in a paper in Maharashtra but they have provided the phone no and other details. Continue with such services enlighten all.
    with good wishes

  11. natarajan says:

    I tried from Mettur Dam,Salem Dist. I got the information correctly immediately

  12. Girish says:

    I am in Ahmedabad (Guajart).
    I had tried but nor details received.

  13. KarthiK says:

    WOW!!! Awesome Simply Superb I Got The Details Within Seconds Very Nice To Have This Facility Thanks For Sharing The Info 🙂 ->>>

  14. Sub hash says:

    Very useful service I got information for ghaziabad region

  15. TRP ROHIT GUPTA says:

    i am from thane. i tried and got all the info as mentioned. thanks

  16. Harun says:

    I tried but didn’t get details. I am from Mumbai.

  17. akk says:

    its very informative.

  18. CA Lalit Inani says:

    I tried but didn’t get details. Pl. also mention in which states this facility is available.

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