In current scenario, every person has dream of entering into stock market and build a healthy and wealthy portfolio. The only thing which restrict them to enter into this is time which is most precious thing in today’s competitive environment. This is mainly because to manage a portfolio is consider as kind of tedious job. Is there any solution for this tough job, can it be simplified for common man who has dream to enter into this stock market world?

We all know the name of “MotilalOswal Group”, one of the leading Financial Service Firm offering various services in online share trading, investment broking and many more. So these group has analyse this issue faced by many investors and hence they have come up with All in One solution for these tedious problem of managing a healthy portfolio i.e. “MO Investor App and Web Platform” Which will help you to Build your Financial Fitness under One Roof in very simplified and user friendly way.

Why MO Investor App is Beneficial for Investor?

MO Investor platform is an ultimate financial fitness platform for investors, which is now upgraded with unique features and enhanced user interface to help you invest more easily and conveniently.MO Investor App will guide new to market or advanced investors with customised features to make prudent investment decisions on their own.

What are the Key Features of MO Investor App?

1. Simplified Investment Process:

Now you can invest in stock market conveniently in just a few clicks. It is much simpler and easy for quick decision making. Access dynamic one click filters such as Top Gainers & Losers, Active by Value & Volume, Stock approaching 52 weeks high & low and much more across all segments. Track global markets on your fingertips & receive updates on the news and events across the economy with ease.

2. Quick SIP through e-NACH Mandate:

Invest in Mutual Fund SIP’s & swiftly process the same with e-NACH Mandates. Now, create & approve the same in just 3 simple steps. Also, mandate creation possible through Net Banking / Debit Card as facilitated by the mapped bank.

Quick SIP through e-NACH Mandate

3. Theme Based & Crafted Mutual Fund Portfolio’s:

Invest in Mutual Fund portfolios as per your preference from various themes and readymade portfolios based on investing style.

  • Meticulously selected schemes
  • Recommendation Based on Investment Style– Aggressive, Balanced & Conservative
  • Option to choose desired investment amount & frequency
  • Wealth creation with recommended funds & longer vision.

4. Stock SIP:

Invest in equity stocks every month in defined quantity to grow your investments over time.

Key benefits of Stock SIP as follows –

  • Get advantage of the power of compounding
  • Enjoy benefits from Rupee cost averaging
  • Guard portfolio from short term market fluctuations

5. Invest in Model Portfolio’s:

An exclusive model portfolio consists of high growth potential stocks.

Why invest in Model Portfolio:

  • Portfolio built of health liquidity and optimistic earnings upgrade
  • Stocks selected by evaluating aspects like profitability, volatility and valuation.
  • Only dividend paying stocks are selected in this portfolio.

6. Invest in US Equities:

Invest in global markets with over 3,500 US stocks and ETFs through 100% digital process.

Key benefits of investing –

  • No minimum investment required
  • Buy * Sell fractional shares of stocks like Amazon, Apple etc
  • Pre-configured portfolio’s of high-growth Stocks & Global ETF’s
  • Streamlined process for transferring funds in US Dollars.

Invest in US Equities

7. EDUMO – A series of 2-3 minutess educational videos on Financial markets

A free video library offering a series of educational videos on financial markets with in-depth coverage and illustrations for beginner, intermediate and expert investors & traders for DIY investing.

3modules: Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced

How does this course help you?

  • Complex Markets Terminologies simplified and broken down into fragments for easier understanding
  • Videos with Demo to help you understand better and take better investment decisions
  • Get Knowledgeable as you Invest

8. Customizable & Multi Asset Watchlist:

It helps you to store and track your favourite stocks / contracts in your personalized watchlist for quick investment decisions. Get research recommendations for in-house experts directly into the watchlist. And swiftly monitor the technical side of any desired stock / contract from the “Chart” option. What’s more – Tracking made easier with some smart filters and unique sorting options from “Filter / Sort” menu.

Customizable & Multi Asset Watchlist

9. Enhanced Get Code Page:

Access detailed stock quotes along with fundamental indicators for quick investment decision

Key aspects to be looked upon – 

  • Key Indicators
  • Financials
  • Ratios – Financial & Turnover
  • News
  • Peer Comparison
  • Corporate Action
  • Research Reports
  • MF Holdings and much more.

Enhanced Get Code Page

10. Quick Order Execution:

It enables you to execute your trade orders easily and independently with a single click.This also helps user to immediately grab the trading opportunity of any desired stock / contracts. With this robust order execution system, user can immediately act upon market volatility / uncertain events across economy.

11. Simplified Trade Reports:

Access real-time “Trading Reports” that give an in-depth and up-to-date summary of your trading activity to help you take the right decisions at the right time.

Trading Reports are as follows –

  • Order/Trade Book
  • Net Positions
  • Margin Report
  • Demat Holdings.

12. Swift investment in IPO with UPI:

Investments in IPO at ease with the help of Investor App, wherein user can place multiple bids from a single order form. Also using UPI, user can now block the funds of order placed by just mentioning the UPI id. Payment acceptance to be done through the UPI enabled app. Tracking of Bid placed can be done through the IPO Order Book.

13. Live Market updates:

Get real-time info on Indian Indices with advance & decline count. And track the “Market Outlook” section for all the news & events across the economy.

What’s more, user can run various pre-defined filters to find out stock / contract performance basis below –

  • Gainers / Losers
  • Active by Volume & Value
  • 52 High & Low
  • Day’s High & Low
  • Only Buyers & Sellers

What are the Main Products provided by MO Investor App?

MO investor App offer various dynamic products to keep in mind the needs and expectations of the investors. The details of the product are as under:

1. Intelligent Advisory Portfolio (IAP):

It is a range of pre-packaged equity portfolios for investors and traders, who want to invest in market but do not have time to manage their portfolios.

  • Why invest in IAP?
    • Robo managed Investment Process
    • Real-time portfolio rebalancing
    • Power of discretion on every decision
    • No lock-in periods
    • 24*7 tracking
  • Products under IAP
    • FundTech
    • Large Cap
    • Small Cap
    • Industry Champs
    • MidCap& Small Cap
    • Banking Service Top 500
    • India Consumption Top500

2. Portfolio Restructuring Tool:

This tool provides relevant insights on investor’s portfolios and give details recommendation in line with their risk profile to improve their portfolio performance.

3. Suggest Me:

This product provides various useful recommendations, also suggest right portfolio for the investor to fulfil their needs.

4. Me Gold:

It is very affordable and convenient way to Buy, Sell or Store 99.99 % pure Gold online with an option of door step delivery any time anywhere.

Hence, this is one of the sensational moves by MotilalOswal Group by introducing MO Investor Mobile Application and Web portal. It is an ideal platform for Investors looking for long-term investments. Loaded with advanced products and tools, it is now enhanced with new and powerful features, improved user experience and interface to make it easier for investors to plan their investments.

So what you are waiting for, Open Demat Account with MotilalOswal Group and download MO Investor App from iOS App store or Google Play store.  

So, gear up yourself for experiencing next level in investing with this All in One user friendly MO Investor App. Let’s chase your dream of entering into this stock market world together!!

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