Ministry of Railways have decided that the Income Certificate issued by Members of Legislative Assemblies (MLAs) of various States and Union Territories will also be accepted for issue of “Izzat’ monthly Season Tickets (MSTs) for the benefit of persons working in unorganized sectors. This provision will be effective from 1st July, 2011. This facility will be in addition to the five kinds of certificates already permitted under the ‘Izzat’ Scheme.
Under ‘Izzat’ scheme, Monthly Season Tickets (MSTs) @Rs. 25/- per month per person is issued for the benefit of persons working in unorganized sector with monthly income not exceeding Rs. 1500/- for travel up to 100 kilometers from the station serving their place of residence. Presently ‘Izzat’ MSTs are issued on production of (i) income certificate from the District Magistrate; or (ii) income certificate from MP of Lok Sabha, or (iii) letter of recommendation from Union Minster or MP of Rajya Sabha to DRM, or (iv) BPL card or any other certificate issued by Central Government under a recognized poverty alleviation programme and (v) under exceptional circumstances, DRMs are also authorized to issue income certificates.

In addition to the above, Ministry of Railways have now decided that w.e.f. 1.7.2011 the income certificates issued by MLAs of various States & Union Territories will also be accepted for issue of ‘Izzat’ MSTs subject to the following conditions:

I. The MLAs should issue income certificates to persons belonging to their constituencies only;

II. The format of the income certificate will be as enclosed;

III. The income certificate issued by MLAs will be one-time use only, i.e. the original Income Certificate issued by MLA will be retained by the Railway staff at the time of issue of ‘Izzat’ MST;

IV. A fresh income certificate from the concerned MLA will be required every time the concerned person approaches the station for purchase of ‘Izzat’ MST.

V. This provision is being done on pilot basis for a period of three months.

All Zonal Railways have been requested to send monthly figures of usage of ‘Izzat’ MSTs, based on which a review will be done.

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