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Shaifaly Girdharwal Again you miss the desired returns? Ohh you also invested on the basis of past trend! Here is your fault

Statistics are our favourite ways to analyse the things. While watching cricket or election result or investing we try to find out what happened in past and we make you sure that the same will happened in future also. Almost one month back some of my clients were asking me why I am suggesting them to invest in small pieces or via SIP instead of lump sum, see the past trend money is almost doubled in last one year and now I guess most of them can understand why they were supposed to keep patience at that time. Nifty is almost 1000 points down from its peak and downside is still unlimited and I know people who invested lump sum at that time now regret not only for their loss but also because now they don’t have money to enter in market at a low level.

That’s the reason you are asked to take services of a good expert. Who is not selling you useless products to earn commission because you are happy to get cash back or share his commission and because you are not paying anything for their services? But in reality you are paying a very high price.

If you actually want to grow your wealth truly emotional control and discipline is the only key. Emotional? What’s emotional about it? Yes it is an emotional fault when you see that in last year market fetch a return of say 100 % and today I will invest Rs. X and it will be 2X next years. Past trends are not that simple and repetitive. In most of the cases past trends never repeats specially the exceptional one. But reality is that the only thing attracts an investor is these abnormal gains and movements in market and they possess you. Let me help you in creating the best investment bouquet

  1. See the past trends as trend only and don’t believe that they will repeat.
  2. Invest scientifically like we have some methods to decide and when and how much to invest so that you will be able to play it safe and hot.
  3. Always take a long term perspective for market.
  4. Analyse the changes in economy and future perspectives of all sectors because that is the only thing which will need your expertise.
  5. Always have a time horizon and target return for your investment because exit is equally important as entry is.
  6. Take the services of good experts, do try to do everything by yourself as this is the matter of your money

In the end I would like to say that don’t follow the people who give you daily tips or shortcut to get riches. There is a difference in investor, trader and speculators.

Now you can open an online account and can invest in all mutual funds online while sitting at home and track your investments.

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