Capital inflows, international trade and private and public enterprise have helped contribute significantly to India’s growth since liberalisation. With the idea of understanding how corruption is impacting each of these pillars and eventually the economy at large, KPMG in India conducted this survey with certain leading Indian corporates in order to understand their perception of how corruption is corroding the economy as well as the corporate environment.  Some of the key findings include:

* 68% of survey respondents believe that India can achieve more than the projected 9% GDP growth if corruption is controlled

* 51% of the survey respondents fear that rising corruption will make India less attractive for foreign investment

* 90% of respondents feel that corruption negatively impacts the performance of stock markets by increasing volatility and prevents institutional investors from making long-term investments

* 99% respondents felt that the biggest impact of corruption on business was its tendency to skew the level playing field and attract organisations with lesser capability to execute projects

* 84% of the respondents believe that Indian government has not been very effective in enforcing anti-bribery and corruption laws

The survey highlights these insights in detail. It also dwells on specific topics such as the preventive mechanisms, internal controls that can be adopted, effective measures to curb the risks of corruption as well as what one can expect in the coming years.

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  1. meghana says:

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  2. S.R. G. says:

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  3. S.L.GOYAL says:

    Corruption/bribery at every step is a real demotivating factor. I give two examples to illustrate my point:

    In NOIDA, we appointed a tax advocate to represent us for our assessment cases. He took large sums of money from us. He said he gets 25% of it back from the officer concerned. The nexus between the tax advocates and officers is so very demotivating.

    With Excise Dept we are registered as dealer and we pass excise benefit to customers who want it. There are only a few such customers. Every time we go to submit the quarterly Return, we are harassed. Just to submit the Return, we are asked for some money. As a result we avoid going there and prefer to submit the Return by Speed-post.

    If there is no harrassment to extract money, business people will do more business and they will do honestly and happily which will help the economy to grow much more. The respect for authorities will grow and over-all the whole business environment in the country will become pleasant and the foreign investors will happily invest in India.

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