Today, mutual funds have emerged as one of the ideal investment alternatives for creating long-term wealth and achieving financial goals. One of the key reasons for the rise of mutual funds is the ease with which investors today can invest in Mutual Funds.

With the advancement of technology, investing in mutual funds has become a simple process. It’s a paperless activity where you could invest as per your requirement and monitor the performance with just a few clicks. Luckily, one of the largest MF distributors, ICICI direct recently launched a new facility One Click Investment through which investors can invest in a basket of top-performing mutual fund schemes. These baskets offer both lump sum as well as SIP mode of investment, making it an efficient investment vehicle. 

Why One Click Investment? 

  • Research-backed Investment portfolios– The Mutual Fund schemes that are listed under ‘One Click Investment’ are backed by Research Recommendations and only those funds which have consistently outperformed the benchmark historically have made the cut.
  • System notification on change in a recommendation– The funds under ‘One Click Investment’ baskets are constantly monitored and notifications of any change in recommendation from Buy to Sell are communicated to the investors.
  • Daily updates – Users will be able to view the historical return of the basket against benchmark which is easy to understand before investing in them. Also, separate charts are available for basket both Lump Sum and SIP wise
  • Basket level Goal Mapping– Investors could define their Goal and Goal description for their basket of investment which would help them in tracking their goal performance which would be displayed Goal Wise.
  • No Transaction fee– No Mutual Fund Transaction charges are applicable for investments via One Click Investment.

Mutual Fund Basket Options:

In order to fulfil your financial goals One Click Investment offers baskets with varying allocation from 100% equity to 100% debt schemes. It offers the following investment portfolios/baskets: 


This portfolio offers true diversification with exposure across Large, Mid, Small as well as Multi cap schemes, helping investors to capture the best of sectors and market cycles. This portfolio is ideal for investors seeking growth over a 5-10 year time frame. 


This basket is inclined towards equity (60% to 80%) and debt (20% to 40%). This blend of equity and debt is ideal for investors seeking the growth potential of equity investments with comparatively lower volatility in their returns. 


This portfolio comes with ‘built-in’ stability with higher debt allocation with limited participation in the equity. This basket is suitable for investors looking for FD plus returns, with slightly higher risk. 


The 50-fifty portfolio offers a perfect balance of growth and stability by investing 50 percent Equity and the remaining 50 percent in debt. This blend is perfect for those seeking growth potential of equity investment together with the stability offered by debt investment. 


This mutual fund basket offers a safety net where the underlying schemes invest in value-driven corporate bonds and short-term debt instruments thus making returns more evident and certain. This basket is ideal for investors preferring to invest without worrying about the stability of their returns. 


This portfolio allows investors to save tax. By investing in this portfolio, the equity schemes not just save tax, but also grows the investments. This is suitable for investors looking to save taxes under section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

The Bottom Line

Mutual fund investment may often tend to be tedious and overwhelming, looking at the number of options available, you may get confused that which fund would best compliment your investment objective. With ICICI direct’s One Click, you can invest in top rated mutual funds schemes which are identified by domain experts to suit your varied financial goals.  One Click investment is regularly monitored by their highly efficient research team that strives to help you gain optimum return on Mutual fund investments, with just One Click!

Please note that Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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