New Delhi, Jun 26 (PTI) The government has modified the guidelines for filling board-level vacancies in state-owned companies in time and also to help the Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) to improve performance. Under the new guidelines issued by the Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB), the exercise to appoint board level functionaries would be initiated 16 months prior to the anticipated date of vacancy.

“The PESB will send the job description of the post 16 months in advance to the administrative ministry for its comments in case of superannuation vacancies,” according to the fresh norms. Earlier, the process was started one-year in advance.

However, if the ministry”s comments are not received within 15 days, the PESB shall finalise the same on the basis of existing description.

The PESB, which monitors all vacancies in the CPSEs, has issued these guidelines in May aimed at efficient functioning of PSU managements.

“There are too many headless CPSEs. Now, we are treading into the territory where we are making sure that this whole delay in appointments in the PSUs space does not take place,” Secretary in the Department of Public Enterprises Bhaskar Chatterjee told PTI.

After receiving comments from the administrative ministry, the recommendation of the PESB would be sent to the concerned ministry six months before the expiry of tenure of incumbent in case of superannuation vacancies.

The PESB will now send only one name, instead of two choices earlier, to the ministry for its consideration aimed at bringing more transparency in the process of appointment.

“However, a reserve name will be kept in a sealed cover with the PESB and shall be disclosed only upon orders of the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC),” the guidleines said.

Vacant posts at the board level often leads to inefficiency in the company and delays the process of decision-making.

“Delays in the appointment leads to major malfunctioning in the companies. So, this is one important thing we wanted to block and this is the first time that this is happening,” Chatterjee said.

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