Finance Ministry has released today the Quarterly Report on Public Debt for the second quarter i.e. July-September, 2010 on its website :


The report is divided into five sections. It briefly describes the macroeconomic environment during the quarter, details of debt management operations in the primary market – Government’s financing requirement, auction details, cost and maturity of borrowing etc. Besides, it also describes the cash management operations during the quarter; an account of outstanding debt – cost and risk character; holding pattern and maturity profile and details of the secondary market activity in the Government securities market among others.

The Quarterly Report on Public Debt Management is brought out by the Middle Office in Budget Division, Ministry of Finance. The first such quarter report was released on September 01, 2010, for the quarter April-June 2010. Such reports will be published every quarter.

The text of the Quarterly Report on Public Debt for the second quarter is also attached herewith.

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