A large delegation of farmers from North India met the Union Minister of Commerce Industry and Textiles Shri Anand Sharma, here today, to register their support for the Government’s decision to allow 51 per cent FDI in retail sector. The farmers expressed their happiness that the policy removes middleman and aims to bring better prices for the farmer’s products. They also appreciated the fact that the government kept the farmers on the loop and worked for their benefit while bringing this important policy. Farmers informed the minister that current agrarian economy is exploitative for farmers and middleman corners all the profit. A progressive measure like FDI in retail should be supported. The also said that in case of undue pressure being applied against the policy, they will be constrained to come out on streets in its support.

Shri Anand Sharma told the mediapersons after the meeting “as far as FDI is concerned, farmers have welcomed it and they want the govt to stand firm because they feel that it is in their interest. there will be investments which will lead to creation of infrastructure, warehousing, cold storage and generate employment and they will get a good price of their produce” on the political opposition to an executive decision, Shri Sharma said “it is unprecedented. We are a constitutional democracy and this should not have happened. We have done it after consultations, trying to generate an understanding and a consensus. There are some states who do not want it who are at least not ready for it. We respect their rights but the states who do not want it cannot deprive those states who want it”

The policy has evolved after a process of intense stakeholder consultation which commenced on 6 July 2010, when a discussion paper was floated by the Ministry. Comments from a wide cross section of stakeholders including farmers associations, industry bodies, consumer forums, academics, traders associations, international investors were analyzed in depth before the matter was deliberated by the Committee of Secretaries on July 22, 2011. On August 3, 2011 the Minister explained the broad contours of the policy in the Rajya Sabha. Organizations like Consortium of Indian Farmers Association, All India Vegetable Growers Association, Bharat Krishak Samaj and Shetkari Sangathana have come out in support of the policy.

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  1. hemen parekh says:

    Who is afraid of the big bad wolf ?

    If and when , Wal-Mart , Carrefour , Tesco arrive in India , who will be afraid of them ?

    Certainly not all of the 50 million small retailers

    There are many amongst them who are thoroughly transparent , honest and have a very high standard of business practices.

    In fact , no foreign Super mart can even match their personalized service to their customers

    The retailers who are afraid are the ones who engage in one or more of the following un-ethical practices :

     Selling fake / duplicate goods

     Selling sub-standard goods

     Selling goods at a price higher than the M.R.P

     Cheating on correct weights

     Selling goods without bills / cash memos

     Selling expired goods

     Not subscribing to “ Packaged Commodities Act “

     Not subscribing to “ Weights and Measures Act “

     Selling same item at different prices, especially to poor illiterate customers

     Refusing to accept genuine “ Returns “

     Selling drugs without prescriptions

     Passing off misspelled, poor quality “ Substitutes “

     Selling PDS items for poor in black market

    They are afraid because they will have to give up their un-ethical ways of making a fast buck by cheating their unsuspecting customers

    As a customer , I support FDI in retail

    But I will continue to patronize my honest corner grocery store !

    With regards

    hemen Parekh

    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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