The ESI Corporation has approved to enhance wage ceiling from Rs 10,000 per month to Rs15,000 per month for coverage of employees under the ESI Scheme in its 149th meeting held on Friday under the chairmanship of Union Minister of Labour and Employment Mallikarjun Kharge.

Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Harish Rawat and the vice-chairman, ESIC, were also present in the meeting.

Keeping in view the increase in cost of living index and recommendations of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour, the corporation increased the wage ceiling limit for coverage of the employees under the ESI Scheme.

This will help the corporation to provide social security net to more and more employees of the organised sector.

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0 responses to “ESIC approves enhancement of wage ceiling from 10,000 to 15,000”

  1. Imtiyaz says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I need current PF & ESIC Limit along with working.
    If any one provide me?

  2. Rajesh says:

    My question is if the candidate salary for 12000 for September-14
    from Oct, salary was increased to Rs.15000
    the candidate can pay the esic.
    esic for 15000 below or upto 15000.

  3. sudhir says:

    dear sir,
    please help
    my basic salary is 3000/- and gross salary is 4700/- so want is esic & pf amount dedect on my salary & how many amount company pay.
    also info me what is minimum amount of Esic & what is maximum amount

  4. sivamani says:

    in the of month September one employee salary 13000 next month increase his salary 17000 , in the case esi deducted or not for the month October? if deducted who much amount?

  5. Varghese Philip says:

    Government should increase the Ceiling Limit of ESIC upto Rs.50000/- instead of upto Rs.25000/-. Huge additional amount can be earned by the Government. Reason being the cost of Hospital equipments and salary of staffs have tremendously increased. Ceiling Limit of Rs.25,000/- will not serve any purpose of Government for maintaining the ESIC scheme and related ESIC hospital.

  6. Niranjan says:

    Hi friends,

    Its Clear that, whose gross salary is less than 15001pm (180001 PA), they will pay for ESIC.
    If any persons may get below 15000 due to Deductions like (loss of pay, insurance etc.,.) and they having gross salary more than 15000 in this situation they wont pay for ESIC.

    I think its clear.

  7. VISHAL says:

    DEAR , ALL


  8. Abhishek mishra says:


    My gross salary is 15999 and my take home salary 13450…

    Please tell me should deduct ESI amt in my salary or not…

  9. Uday says:

    Hi All,

    I wanted to know if my salary is 20,000/- pm but due to some reason I took leave for 15 days in that month I will be getting 10,000/- as my salary. In this month do I need to pay any ESI for that Month. Kindly let me know. My office people are saying that in any Month if your salary comes less then 15,000/- I need to pay ESI. Kindly Help this is little confusing…….

  10. Naresh Barik says:

    my CTC is 1.8lakhs,Gross is $14,244,Take Home is Rs 13900/-
    My company deducted ESI 6.5% from Salary,Is it right ?

    Plz Replay me .

  11. jyoti says:

    if an employee’s salary in June is 13000/- & in the July it is above 15000/-, should we deduct esic in the month of July 12 on 15000/-?

  12. RAVINDRA NATH says:

    bhai logo se requist hai ki agar 9 month complete  na ho to paise nahi milte kya please reply jarur karna iske alawa koi rasta ho to batana

  13. Lancy says:

    Dear All,

    As on date, in case your monthly salary is less than equal to Rs.15,000/- (excluding Over Time Allowance), then as an employee you are required to contribute only 1.75% of your net monthly salary and the balance 4.5% is to be contributed by your employer. The total contribution to your file is 6.5% of your net monthly salary. There is no way an employer to back-charge 4.5% of the ESIC contribution to an insured employee. ESIC Contribution on your salary slip should show as 1.75% of your net monthly salary (excluding Over Time Pay, if any).

  14. Usha Nair says:

    Minimum required members are not there in our organisation only 3 members are there recovery and Employers contribution totalling to 6.5% is deposited on the gross salary which of no use to the employees they are not able to find doctors registering themselves in their area and are against their will to contribute can we aply for excemption due to less no of employees. Replying this regard is expected. You should have advise each employer the revised 11 digit no on mail/letter which would avoid individually to attend your office personally. Hope so you can do something in this regard. Our account No is 52-8271-101

  15. Ravi says:

    This govt is simply eating our money,before it was ESI deduction only for who’s salary equal r less den 10,000, but now its increased upto 15,000, but what for is dis,Dey still have to eat our money der is no limitation for dis, der is no way to oppose dis

  16. ambika singh says:

    esic should publish statement of each i.p. mentioning the amount received by i.p. & benefit offered to him in terms of money, local office wise from where the i.p. is related, to make the esic more transparent.

  17. varsha m kadam says:

    As per discussion with ESIC people he told me that I am not eligible for the take a benefit from ESIC for leave and other benefits, because I am entered under ESIC from May 2010 . So, they told that I was not completed 9 month in ESIC.
    I wish to take maternity leave from date 20th Nov 2010. I would like to avail the entire maternity leave and benefits. Please guide me process of applying for the benefits.
    I hope you will consider my situation and allow me to take maternity leave with all benefits.
    Awaiting for your reply.

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