With hacking, viruses and what-have-you attacking your computer, here is a list of do’s and don’ts that you should enforce when you are using your machine.

* DO use passwords that are difficult to guess. Choose a password that uses a combination of characters, numbers and symbols.

* DO change your password regularly.

* DO use an antivirus program on your computer and keep it up to date.

* DO use an anti-spyware program and be sure to run it on a regular basis.

* DO apply operating system software patches to your computer.

* DO turn off your computer when you don’t expect to use it for an extended period of time, such as just before you leave work.

* DO lock your workstation, if possible, when you’re not using it.

* DO be aware of scams and hoaxes.

* DO make a backup of your important data and keep it in a safe place.

* DO use a VPN when using remote access to your work computer or when using wireless technology.

* DO use a personal firewall where applicable, such as a PC.

* DO use your commonsense, if you get a bad feeling about something, it probably is.

* DON’T write down your passwords to remember them (and don’t tape them on your computer monitor).

* DON’T set your computer to remember your passwords when accessing specific web sites or applications.

* DON’T use auto fill programs to automatically fill in your personal information on web sites.

* DON’T open any emails with any of the following subject lines : Test, hi, hello, Mail Delivery System, Mail Deliver Failed, Mail Transaction, Failed, Unable to Deliver (mail, message, etc), Server Report, Status, Error, Urgent, Or anything else that even “feels” like it’s urging you to hurry up and open this email.

* DON’T open attachments if you are unsure of the sender.

* DON’T leave your computer unlocked when you are away.

* DON’T leave your computer turned on overnight.

* DON’T install unknown programs on your computer.

* DON’T use file sharing programs or download copyrighted material to your computer.

* DON’T use illegal or pirated software.

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