With a continuous rise in the number of automobiles on Indian roads, it’s getting tougher to safeguard your car from any unwanted accidents. The exorbitant cost of repairs, coupled with the expensive spare parts, could definitely make a hole in your pockets that is why it’s important to have a good Car Insurance policy.

With COCO by DHFL General Insurance’s all-round, innovative insurance policies and easy insurance renewals, you’re covered with respect to all the aspects which an ideal Car Insurance policy must have. On the basis of add-ons you choose, you safeguard yourself against theft, road accidents, among others along and get a cashless settlement at the network garages along with several other benefits!

Breaking the traditional routes, COCO by DHFL General Insurance has launched “COCODrive” a unique all cohesive, four wheeler motor insurance.

This innovative comprehensive four wheeler policy conveys the brand’s message “Care More, Have More” throughout the customer journey. Offering 19 add-ons, COCODrive would offer motor vehicle owners a truly customizable experience in fulfilling their specific requirements.

COCO by DHFL General InsuranceWhy COCODrive?

The right blend of analytics, technology, and Big Data tools have helped the formation of India’s first pick and pay car insurance policy which provides consumers an array of add-on covers, rather than buying a bundled product with features one might not need. COCODrive allows consumers to have the right protection for their cars, themselves and their occupants against massive losses and other liabilities, if such an unforeseen event occurs. Some of the key benefits which a car owner would get with COCODrive include:

Slew of 19 add-ons: COCOdrive offers 19 add-ons, highest in the market as most of the insurance providers offer to a maximum of 5-6 add-ons.

Zero Depreciation: Usually, the insurance provider pays the claim after deducting the depreciation on the spare parts which are replaced. With zero depreciation add-on, the car owner would receive the full claim on the value of parts which are replaced after an unfortunate accident. Usually, insurance companies provide zero depreciation add-on only for the first three years from the date of purchase of the vehicle. Receiving the full claim without any deductions for depreciation on bumpers and other parts that are substituted after the accident offers great benefit to the car owners.

Non-standard Add-ons: This car insurance plan offers some non-standard add-ons which one may not find with other can insurance policies. One such non-standard enhanced owner personal accident cover which offers enhanced coverage in case an accident of the car leading to demise or permanent disability of car owner.

Coverage for loss of keys: It’s not rare that people might lose their car keys or the car lock might get damaged due to a break-in attempt. With this add-on, the car owner’s cost of replacement of keys or lock repairs is covered.

Engine and Tyre Protect: This add-on helps the car owner get covered for engine damage which could be caused due to oil-leakage or due to water ingression. This add-on could be quite useful if you’re living in a city where flooding is not a rarity. Also, this car insurance plan comes with tire protect add-on which covers the replacement cost for accidental damage to the tires. This is mainly suited for people driving in bumper to bumper traffic.

Hospi Cash: Hospi Cash is a great add-on which is designed specifically for providing a fixed amount when the car owner is hospitalized after a car accident. It is paid up to 5 hospitalization days post such car accident.

The above-listed add-ons are just to name a few, COCODrive offer several other add-ons as well such as Daily Conveyance Allowance, RSA (Road Side Assistance), NCB (No Claim Bonus) Protect, Consumable Expenses, etc.

A Truly Customizable A La Carte Policy

Disrupting the traditional insurance selling models, COCO has given power right into the hands of the customers by allowing them to customize their own car insurance policies instead of buying pre-made / bundled packages that include things that they might not need. With COCODrive, you can select only the add-ons you need from the wide spread of 19 add-ons and only pay for the ones you select.

Also, COCO has taken up the mission of simplifying insurance because customers generally feel it is too complicated or drab – which are amongst the reasons why people don’t get an insurance. Something like this was long due in the Indian Insurance ecosystem and COCO by DHFL General Insurance is trying to fill just that gap.

You can visit their website here: www.dhflinsurance.com

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