This credit card comparator gives you everything about literally every card available in India. One hundred and ninety two different credit cards available in the country today. One hundred and ninety two different combinations of benefits, freebies, reward points, practically everything except the keys to the bank.

You will see categories such as Entertainment, Free for Life, Cashback, Fuel, and so on grouped in the Benefits section. In the same vein, Business, Doctors’, Social Causes, and Women’s would be found in the Affinity section.

The credit card types are pretty self-explanatory. Perhaps the Premier and Super Premier distinction requires a little extra explanation. Both the categories have the same type of credit cards. The only difference here is that Premier cards have an annual/joining fee of Rs. 2000 or less while Super Premier cards have the same fees that go beyond that amount.


When you compare the credit cards, there is a maximum limit of three cards. We have deliberately kept this a low number so that you don’t have information overload.


The credit card market is varied and segmented and fractured enough to drive a jigsaw puzzle junkie to distraction. In such circumstances, we have attempted here to give you the simplest format to give maximum value. If you enjoy the experience, we will consider ourselves well-compensated.

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