With monsoon touching almost all parts of the nation, it is bringing the much-needed relief from the summer heat. Monsoon is not only relief from the hot drenching summers but has its share of problems. One such issue that is common across all urban jungles is waterlogging. Clogging of waste and dirt that does not reach the drains add to the problem of waterlogging.

Monsoons witness a spike in motor insurance claims. Most of these claims are due to the problem of water ingression.

So what is water ingression?

As the rainwater floods the streets, it becomes difficult for the vehicles to be driven on the roads. At such times, one might need to abandon their cars until the water levels subside. If at such times you crank up the engine, the water is pulled inside the components of the engine through the air filter. This water reaches the combustion chamber, where it hampers the ratio of air and fuel mixture. This causes the problem of stalling and causes the engine not to start at all.

Is there a way you can insure these damages to the engine? Yes! You can avail an engine protection add-on for your car.

Why do you need an additional cover for your engine?

Most comprehensive insurance policies ensure your engine is insured under your policy. But in cases where the damage to your engine is a result of consequential loss, it is outside the scope of your policy. Such damage to your engine is a result of the hydrostatic lock that is considered consequential. While your comprehensive policy is enough to cover any damage to the interior of the vehicle, an engine protector add-on covers explicitly the components of your engine.

What is an engine protector add-on?

Engine protector add-on is an additional feature that is optional at the time of purchase or car insurance renewal. One can opt for such to insure their vehicle against any damage to the engine cause as a result of consequential loss. Not only that, but it also covers the components of the engine like the gearbox and transmission. Problems like leakage of lubricant of the engine alone with water ingression are covered under an engine protection cover.

What are the benefits of engine protection cover?

When you buy car insurance online, an engine protection cover can be opted as additional coverage for your comprehensive motor insurance policy. Any costs required for replacement or repairs of the engine spares will be covered by an engine protection add-on. Let us look at few prominent benefits of engine protection cover –

  • This add-on covers damage to the engine due to leakage of lubricants.
  • This additional coverage covers damage due to water ingression.
  • Apart from the core engine, damage to ancillary parts like gearbox, this add-on cover also includes pistons, connecting rods that are vital.
  • It is especially useful during monsoon as floods, and other cases of waterlogging occur which cannot be predicted.
  • In case you have an expensive car, buying an engine cover will be beneficial as any repairs to the engine will be costly.

Lastly, it is prudent to have an extra layer of insurance cover. This add-on can be purchased at a fraction of the price of your insurance premium. It will not only help you stay worry-free but also will take away the hassles when it comes to engine repairs. So the next time when you look for insurance, add an engine protect add-on to ensure your car’s engine is always insured. Also, don’t forget to make use of a car insurance calculator and compare the various premiums across different insurers. Make sure you select a suitable plan with an affordable premium.

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