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Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal

The elections are over and the results out. Delhi and Rajasthan will have new Governments i.e., change of political parties governing the state. Rajasthan is going to have a full majority BJP led Government now in power for full term of five years. The new Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje shall have a free hand and mind in pursuing the welfare of the state. Her responsibilities get escalated as state will have a weak opposition in terms of numbers. Delhi has a unique proposition with a minority Government, that too the one which is not the biggest party. Good that the gamble played by both the seasoned parties has been accepted by new party AAP. It’s indeed a people’s party and Government of the people.

People wanted a change and the change is the only constant. While reasons could be many and irrelevant at this point in time, the new Government and the new Chief Minister should do all what is needed to set an exemplary example of good governance and fast developing state, consistently over next five years, not just in last 6 months of term. While in Rajasthan, the Chief Minister ought to have atleast a five years vision in place with a dedicated mission to complete it by collective actions, Mr. Kejriwal should work towards sincere implementation of his five year agenda but he should not play like a T-20 game in place of a test match that will only weaken its stand.

While all those welfare schemes announced by the erstwhile Government may be allowed to continue, may be with some checks and balances, the focus must be put on infrastructure development, in particular on roads, urban civic amenities, marketing infrastructure, power and other sectors so as to boost industrial growth and improve civil amenities. In Rajasthan, industrialization may be emphasized in Bikaner – Barmer where refinery is located. Some more economic zones may be developed which will also bring in more investments in the state. Rain gods have been blessing the state in last few years but we cannot turn our eyes and divert attention from long term drinking water management problems.

Institutions like RIICO, RFC etc should be made proactive and real partners in industrial and economic growth of the State. Utilization of land is a crucial issue here. The state needs to revisit its VAT law and rates. One first thing which could be attempted to is reduce tax on petrol–diesel which will directly lower down prices. Atleast, states can do this. Financial discipline is going to be very crucial for which minds need to meet to find out ways and means of balancing.

It could be a good idea to corporatize Municipal Corporation or raise funds through bonds. Such an exercise can also be done for raising funds by Jaipur metro. Availability of funds for Municipal Corporation would enable it to take various measures to upgrade civic amenities and quality of life of citizens. Since BJP has a majority there, Government should ensure that things are atleast now set right.

Like the Delhi Government, AAP has unusual issues to manage on priority basis. What was planned for five years is expected by people to be done in five months as other two political parties want AAP to fail on the ground of non-delivery of governance and un fulfilled promises. This was infact never promised. Both these parties can dream of coming to power only when AAP fails. If that doesn’t happen, AAP has a very bright future. The new Government in Delhi is full upto the brim so far as new ideas, seriousness in implementation, openness in thoughts and drive to clean the system is concerned. The problem is that people with vested interests does not want that to happen. AAP may invite ideas and brain storming sessions on change of polices and implementation of schemes which are in larger public interest. Some medium to long term visionary approach to finances is also the demand of the day.

While the new Governments at both places should engage industrialists, professionals, academicians and other stakeholders in policy formulation and implementation, it would be also desirable for the new Government not to work with vendetta and reopen the work done by earlier Government to salvage any further trust deficit between the two.

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  1. Bhavesh Savla says:

    It is surprising that a professional is writing a mail in support of AAP’s nonsensical economic policies. IT is so open to understand the gimmicks that AAP is playing and throwing dust in the eyes of the people. It says that it has reduced bills by 50% (actually even factually it is 33% only) but not only that it is just providing subsidies that is money collected from the public itself. Taking money from left pocket and giving some part to the right pocket (after deducting expenses involved in tax administration)

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