Dr. Sanjiv Agarwal

The phrase aal is well is catching up fast with one and all- thanks to the recent film ‘3 Idiots’ which has made this phrase popular amongst the gen next and other factions of the society. The film, 3 idiots sends the message to the present society of our country –be it student, young citizens or people of our or our parent’s age that one ought to be optimistic, calm and hopeful – at least in times of difficulties ,  desperation and helplessness  and a simple believe that ‘ aal is well’ seem to help in over coming the crisis.

‘Aal is well’ holds good in all situations. Even in today’s time of rising food prices  general inflation and recent recession and slowdown, all seem to be well—– at last for India- be it our exports, our financial system, capital & money markets, education, governance , labour and tax reforms and so on. Nothing affects us so much so that even the theatre tickets of Rs 150-200 does not deter us from watching a movie. It seems as if who bothers for inflation here.

3 idiots brings us closer to reality as it is more than movie, a mirror of a belief system we all live in today. There was a time when money and rich were villains and heroes poor but with morale but to a point which reflects India of today and tomorrow. It is a story with no gaps between real and reel life, touching upon each strata of Indian middle class.

3 idiots is a message which demand easing out of pressure on our education system, institutions, students and parents. It calls for looking at the education system in another way. 3 idiots is also an example of excellence in terms of ideas and giving Indian society a message which calls for educational and social reforms . One wonders, where were our film makers all these years!

Education and work or employment are two burning  issues before youth  which need a focused attention. Infact these need to be reoriented so that they do not become another menace.

At the same time, parents and families ought to support the gen next with a reasonable degree of expectation, with high hopes. Flexibility, direction, support and freedom to nurture own course of career, of course with navigational guidance is the need of the day. Facilitating natural development is what our mechanized institutions are required  to do.

While 3 idiots would have smashed all box office hits in terms of revenue, its success in terms of transforming young India and suggesting the way to deal with scarcities is much bigger and needs to be hailed by one and all. While India is soon marching towards being the youngest country of the world in next decade, we need such type of movies which motivate and reform all of us- something which education and government has not been able to do so far. Let’s hope for a change, a change for a better tomorrow so that we can continue to say- aal is well.

If movies could be so inspiring, motivating and eye opener, we need more such movies rather than schools or colleges without soul. The message that ‘one should study and do what one loves to do will result in money flowing in’ is the rule for future. All will be well.

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