Just like making investments, saving regularly and maintaining a reserve of liquid cash is essential to ensure good financial health for your business. Also, understanding when to intervene with external funds is equally important. Whether it is a very long working capital cycle, poor cash flow management or clients failing to make payments on time, there are several scenarios where stepping in with an infusion of funds will make a world of a difference, allowing you to steer operations back on track.

An excellent loan that you can opt for is Bajaj Finserv’s Business Loan. It offers you a host of benefits that make it a flexible, easy-to-use financial resource. Take a look at the features that make it extremely convenient and reliable.

A high loan amount that you can use for a variety of needs

Running a business, you may require funds for a wide variety of needs like managing your working capital, buying equipment or machinery, hiring additional labour, etc. So, keeping the nature of your needs in mind, Bajaj Finserv allows you to borrow up to Rs.30 lakh as a loan. In addition, this amount is collateral-free. So, if you don’t have assets to pledge, or aren’t comfortable doing so, you can still use the loan.

Easy eligibility and application make accessing the loan convenient

A business loan is only handy when you can apply for it without having to jump through hoops. So, Bajaj Finserv’s Business Loan is easy to qualify for. You have to meet minimal eligibility criteria, and you can apply quickly by filling up a short online form, and submitting a handful of basic documents. This ensures that you get to access the loan quickly.

Speedy approval and disbursal help you use the funds as soon as possible

While the loan is easy to apply for, this feature only holds value if it is complemented by equally quick approval and disbursal. Fortunately, a Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv is approved in just 24 hours, and disbursed shortly after. Moreover, the amount is sent directly to your bank account, so there is no need to collect and cash a cheque.

Flexi Loan facility helps you use funds as per your needs

This loan comes with a Flexi Loan facility, wherein you can withdraw in parts from the total loan sanctioned and pay interest only on the amount that you use. Besides, you can also choose to pay interest-only EMIs and repay the principal at the end of the tenor. This helps you reduce your EMI by up to 45%. If you are using this loan as a stopgap solution, until you receive funds from a client or any other source, opt for the Flexi Loan facility.

Manage your loan online when you’re out and about

Whether it is for tax purposes or simply to keep track of the loan that you have taken, you may want to access your loan’s details from time to time. When you choose Bajaj Finserv, there is no need to contact the lender or wait for the next intimation to do so. You can simply log on to the customer portal using your user ID and password and view the balance, payments that you have made, as well as loan statements. You can access this information at any time, regardless of whether you are at home or on the go.

So, the next time your business seeks funds to replenish its reserves, don’t look beyond Bajaj Finserv’s Business Loan. It is your ticket to being able to meet your business’ needs in a cost-effective, effortless manner.

To know more about a Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv, click here.

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