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Shaifaly Girdharwal1) You are passionate about it

Never make your passion your profession.I know you are surprised but yes, if you are a hard core passionate person and you love what you do, No, doubt you are very good at it. Your Job may be a little more from the core of your profile but a business is altogether different. You may not find the time for your passion at all. A restaurant is not all about cooking, an novel is not all about writing, a movie is not all about acting, a dancer is not all about dancing.You will need Branding.  May be your entire product is 50% of your advertising and branding.A passionate person will not be able to accept it. There are so many other factors essential to keep your venture alive.If you are a passionate person you wont enjoy doing other less relevant or uninteresting things but trust me they are also very important.

2) Excellent performance during employment:

If you are a very good performer at job you always have a hidden believe that you can handle the job of your owner in much better way. You feel like if this was your business, it should be much better. You instantly challenge the decisions and policies of your senior management.Soon after you will start your venture, you will start to understand the actual reason for those decisions,may be after wasting a lot of time and effort.

3) Too much of reading motivational literature:

yes you feel boosted after reading success stories, you like to read Robin sharma but they will never tell you the pain and stress you have to take up for even a small achievement. Smart work, hard work, attitude, planning, monitoring, team build up, update, upgrade,networking, liason, lots of luck and correct timing are few of so many factors to win a success.To be honest there is no fix criteria or benchmark of success. A business may start falling at any level. Nokia and blackberry are latest examples.

4) Work for a purpose:

If you are going to start a venture for any other purpose except that you love to work for venture. It will be going to fail. Let me explain, if you are going to work for money,some venture increase their net worth but they are unable to fetch you a lot of cash profita. You may not be able to withdraw a lot of money from business even if it is profitable. Even you may have to put from your own pocket to keep it alive. If you want a business to be famous, so many business spend their life in enough dark as they are too busy in keeping the pace of their business. So If you are going to start a venture, that venture should be the only passion and reason for that decision.

I know so many people boost and tell working people that quit your boring job and start to do what you like, But trust me it is not that easy. Not impossible either.But be mentally prepared to bear the pain and stress. Be ready to work 24*7, be ready to see a lot of efforts resulting in zero and then start again.

If even after reading this article you are going to start your venture…you have 30% more chances of success.GOOD LUCK

(Author Shaifaly Girdharwal is a Cross border business set up and process outsourcing Consultant)

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  1. P Aravindhan says:


    Failure is a part of journey and learning process.

    We know number of people who have failed nine time but succeeded the 10th time.

    Unfounded generalizations should not be self fulfilling prophecies .

    Luck, Pluck, self belief and tenacity will lead to success.

  2. RP says:

    I don’t disagree totally with you but I believe that all the four things that you have written above are, in fact, necessary for success but right mixture at right moment –
    Passion – to keep you interested;
    Excellent performance – to excel in whatever you do;
    Strong motivation to keep you going through tough times; and
    Purpose/mission – the reason of existence

  3. Vandana Singhal says:


    I agree to great extent, one has to be ready to work without any returns for months & years.

    Business is not as Job where u work & get paid instantly, business is investment where returns are uncertain both in time & money.

    But if you are determined and have back up plans for your family needs & working capital, no body can stop u from success.

  4. Glowbee says:

    Dear Shaifaly,
    your article is very different from the regular motivational ones.You have brought up the actual dificulties which people face and i appreciate it.I am planning to start up a business and this article in some way has helped me think practically.Thanks. All the best and keep writing 🙂

  5. B'sir says:

    It’s not discouragement
    but I wish that she should keep continue
    her views are really useful
    convey my Blessove with Best wishes
    Congrats for very nice Article
    and her writing skill

  6. B'sir says:

    Dear Shaifaly
    You are doing very good..
    write write write because role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say…Keep it continue
    May God Bless you
    B’sir with Blessove

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